Citizen Aqualand Diver’s Watch – The perfect watch for underwater, above water and harsh conditions

Citizen aqualand chronograph watchCitizens Aqualand Diver’s watch was born out of a need to fulfil changing lifestyles. Couple of decades ago, a diver’s watch was something professional divers wore. Times have changed, today the number of recreational divers outnumber professional divers.

Recreational divers, professional and recreational surfers and other water sports lovers needed something that complemented their lifestyle – above and underwater. These folks needed a watch that not only kept time and provided added functionality underwater, they needed a watch that was beautiful enough so it could also be worn at a party or a business meeting and did not have to be swapped each time they came out of the water. Thus was born Citizen aqualand chronograph watch – a beauty with brains.

Cut to 21st century; because of its waterproof nature and ability to withstand shocks and bumps, Citizens Aqualand Diver’s watches are also worn by modern day search and rescue staff. Again, they preferred the Citizens Aqualand Diver’s watch because its beauty meant it did not have to be removed after work. They could continue to wear it even while shopping or attending a barbecue party.

Citizen watches eco drive watch is not to be confused with water resistant watches. A water resistant watch is one that can be worn while showering or one that will withstand rain. Any watch marked as water resistant up to 10 meters meets this criteria. The Citizens Aqualand Diver’s watch on the other hand, is water resistant up to depths of 200 meters which is about the limit for a scuba diver. At 200 meters the water pressure is about 300 pounds per square inch! If a watch can withstand that kind of pressure, it can even withstand dusty environs of a mining area or a dessert.

Eco-Drive – Everlasting Power Source

Ideally a watch that is so water resistant should not be opened frequently or its water resistant property could degrade. It therefore makes sense that Citizen perpetual chronograph watches is powered by ordinary light. In fact, any light source will do. The dial itself is a painted solar panel that converts light it receives into electrical energy that recharges built-in batteries. The user of Citizens Aqualand Diver’s watch need not bother about changing batteries – ever.

Citizen eco drive watches come in various shapes, sizes, configurations and features. Some have a metallic bracelet that matches the case, while others have a rubber strap that fits snugly on the wrist. There’s one for every taste and professional or recreational need. All Citizens Aqualand Diver’s watches come equipped with a non-reflective mineral glass crystal so that bright light used by divers won’t make it difficult to see the watch face.

The Citizens Aqualand Diver’s watch is fashionably large, bulky and has a rugged look. It looks like a watch that might be worn by James Bond or Marines or special ops troops. Built to last and a beauty with brains, you won’t go wrong buying a Citizen mens watches .

Citizens Radio Controlled Watches

Citizens Radio Controlled watches are not just accurate they are atomic clock accurate! While most of us need and appreciate a watch that is fairly accurate, there are lots of professionals out there that require a watch that is absolutely accurate. Police officers for instance or special ops groups, military personnel, pilots, miners, demolition specialists, public transport officials and so on. There are also lots of folks for whom an accurate watch is absolutely necessary because for them, every second counts.

Let us review the Citizens Promaster Skyhawk Ecodrive Titanium a Radio Controlled watch.

The Citizen Promaster Ecodrive Titanium is a radio controlled watch that can check with and correct its time and date with any of the atomic clocks that broadcast their time via radio waves. Additionally, the watch is water resistant up to depths of 100 meters thats over 160 pounds per square inch. Obviously a watch that can withstand that kind of pressure can be used even while surfing, diving or in places of tough atmospheric conditions such as mining operations or desert conditions. This is why the Citizen eco drive radio controlled watch like the Citizen skyhawk radio controlled watch like the Citizens Promaster Skyhawk Ecodrive Titanium is used by miners because only a watch that can withstand high pressures can continue to function in the rigours of the deep mines.

Most Citizens radio controlled watches including the Citizens Promaster Skyhawk Ecodrive Titanium sport an energy indicator. Just keep the watch in a lighted area and it will automatically recharge itself. A full charge will last about 8 weeks. However, because the Citizens radio controlled eco-drive watch continuously charges itself in the presence of light you will rarely witness a low energy warning. Being radio controlled, the watch date is perpetual i.e., no need to adjust the date at the end of the month. The Citizens Promaster Skyhawk Ecodrive Titanium can be set to display the time in 12 hour or 24 hour format. It features dual alarms and also a countdown timer.

The Citizens Radio Controlled Promaster Skyhawk Ecodrive Titanium watch also features electro Luminescence i.e. back lighting. It supports world time zones and can keep time from two different time zones. It also features a 1/100 sec chronograph and a 24 hour countdown clock. It has a 20 Lap memory and a case made from Titanium with a matching bracelet that makes it absolutely crush proof. Its 48 mm case makes it very fashionable. It sports a scratch resistant, non-reflective crystal.

Citizen of Japan is well known for its adherence to quality and innovative design and technology. If you value your time and need a watch that will work in most tough conditions, Citizen chronograph eco drive easily make the grade and the Citizens Promaster Skyhawk Ecodrive Titanium watch is a premium radio controlled watch by Citizen.

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