Citizen Promaster Divers Watches

Many people have voted the Citizen Promaster Divers watch as the most beautiful divers watch ever.

Citizen Promaster Divers WatchesWhen you first gaze at it, you notice that the Radio controlled Watches has an ultra large and beautiful dial, it is fashionably chunky, has very large hour markers and thick hour and minute hands. In fact, the time display is so large and clear we bet you could read it from couple of meters away.

The Citizen Promaster Divers watch has a normal time mode and a dive mode with an indicator located on the left at the 9Oclock position. Theres a date and a day-of-the-week display on the right at the 3Oclick position.

All Citizen skyhawk watches incorporate the Ecodrive technology i.e. uses any light source to recharge the battery. Once the battery is charged, it can hold the charge for months at end. Some Citizen Promaster Divers watches are also AT i.e. radio synch with the nearest available Atomic Clock and self-correct the time if required. Of course, if youre not within range of any atomic clock and need to correct the time, you can still do so manually. After all, not all of us live within shouting distance of an atomic clock. The newer radio controlled Citizen Promaster Divers watches also have a radio signal strength indicator.

We loved the way the day of the week is displayed. It is unique to Citizen Promaster Divers watch and makes the watch look positively nice. Citizen Promaster Divers watches are available in a mix of rotating bezels and modern trendy carbon fibre inset models. The carbon fibre models look beautifully rugged, but lots of folks love the classical looks of the rotating bezel models.

Citizen chronograph watches have always been known for the legibility and clarity of its dial. Large, no clutter seems to be the hallmark of the Citizen Promaster Divers watches. Thanks to the large dial, large thick hands and an abundance of luminous coating, night legibility is truly phenomenal. It also sports a sapphire, scratch resistant non-reflective crystal.

Citizen skyhawk titanium watch has a 200 meter depth rating which makes it a darling of most skin and scuba divers. But being a beauty, the watch looks great under water as well as at a party or a business meeting.

So if youre looking for a great watch that features day and date, perhaps radio controlled atomic clock accuracy and great workmanship, Citizen aqualand chronograph watches would be just the watch to fit the bill.