Citizen Aqualand Divers Digital Analog Watch – The Citizen Aqualand Black Imperial Dive Watch

Citizen AqualandIt was only appropriate that Citizen offered something amazing and different for their 20th Anniversary. Our expectations ran high and we were not disappointed. In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Citizen Watch Co. of Japan launched the Aqualand Black Imperial Dive Watch. The Aqualand Black Imperial Dive Watch is a truly awesome watch bringing together sheer professionalism and technology in one handsome piece of eternal beauty for men.

The Promaster citizen watches are the perfect mix of design, technology and professional usefulness. Aimed at the professional scuba diver, it incorporates a sophisticated depth meter and plenty of dive measurement functions to accompany it. The watch itself looks unique with a semi-circular moon-phase design. For the uninitiated, the ‘Digital Analog’ refers to the presence of digital as well as analog systems in the same watch.

Most scuba divers dive up to depths not exceeding 100 meters which is why the Aqualand Black Imperial Digital Analog Dive Watch provides depth information for up to 100 meters in a digital format.

Apart from displaying the current depth, it also displays the maximum depth. More importantly, it also has a dive time measurement mode, current water temperature display as well as a lowest temperature display. For good measure it also has a surface interval measurement.

The ‘digital brain’ in the Automatic citizen watches stores dive related information. In fact, it can store up to 20 dive related data and you can scroll through it analyzing your underwater performance. Although it has been calibrated for up to 100 meter, it can continue functioning even up to depths of 200 meters.

It’s coded buttons and eye-catching moon phase 48.5 mm case (16 mm thick) looks good even in the dark depths of the ocean. The case is made of non-reflective stainless steel, and the dial is absolutely easy to read. With a combination of analog and a digital display, the Citizen chronograph mens watch was an instant hit amongst serious divers and watch lovers alike. It simply did not matter whether you wore the Citizen chronograph watches to dive in water or dive into a party – it suits both occasions.

Citizen is famous for its ‘Eco-Drive’ technology. The Eco-drive is a revolutionary technology that recharges a battery by converting any available light source into electrical energy. This same technology has been incorporated into the Citizen chronograph mens watch making it highly environmentally friendly. In fact, a full charge will power the Aqualand Black Imperial Digital Analog Dive Watch for an amazing six month period. It even has a 24 hour ‘reserve’ power supply. When the battery power is running low, it will display a low charge warning but the watch itself will continue functioning for 24 hours. Simply take the watch from out of wherever it was kept and place it near a light source – any light source will do. In about 90 minutes of charging, it is good to go.

The Citizen watches eco drive has a day-date display, has three different alarms, electro-luminescence backlight for readability and a world time in 42 cities. A scratch resistant, non-reflective crystal is standard on the Aqualand Black Imperial Digital Analog Dive Watch. The watch comes with a very comfortable, skin-friendly non-slip rubber strap with a buckle.

Know More About the Citizen Promaster Watches

Citizen-Eco-drive-Promaster-Depth-Meter-BJ2119-06ECitizen Watch Company produces a fine range of watches, right from the fashionable and elegant chronographs the technologically advanced timepieces for the sports enthusiasts. Combining cutting edge technology with precision engineering Citizen delivers a timepiece collection with unique functionality that is ideal for sporting individuals – The Citizen Promaster Watches.

Citizen Promaster Watches are designed for use on land, in the depths of the ocean and even in the sky. They keep perfect time, are known for precision and reliability no matter the condition of the environment. Take for example the Citizen Promaster Sea Collection.  Being water resistant up to a depth of 100 to 200 meters, the Citizen Promaster Sea Collection of watches are the perfect equipment for those who seek the underwater experience.

Many of the Citizen automatic watches incorporate the innovative Eco-Drive technology. Eco Drive watches are powered by natural light or even artificial light. The light absorbed through the dial is stored and converted into energy by a solar cell. This stored energy can power the watch for days and even years. The Eco-Drive feature adds to the Citizen Promaster’s appeal in that it is powered by light and so doesn’t require a battery, making it almost unstoppable.

The Citizen perpetual chronograph 300m is a well made and handsome timepiece that uses the Eco-Drive technology.  The watch is affordably priced, looks great and feels good on the wrist. It comes with a rubber strap that is actually quite long making it suitable for all wrist sizes.  The luminous hands and markers make it easy to read the time even when it is pitch dark. A PVD version with a leather strap is also available.

During this year (2013), Citizen Watches brings forth the remake of their 1989 Citizen chronograph mens watch that is an analog watch. Analog watches use physical means to display various information. So don’t be surprised if you find the Altichron to be cluttered with numerous hands displaying the time, temperature, depth, direction and altitude. The Promaster Altichron has a titanium case, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and uses the Eco-Drive technology. Needless to say, it requires no battery and is water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters. Citizen aqualand dive watches also sports a compass and altimeter besides a power reserve indicator that shows the status of the charge remaining in the watch. Overall the 2013 edition of the Citizen Promaster Altichron is a good buy with its improved sporty looks and added features.

For those of you who prefer large, chunky watches, the Citizen automatic dive watches is meant to please.  Whether you have the adventurer’s spirit or simply want a great looking watch, this one fits the bill perfectly. Although the Citizen watches eco drive Titanium Chronograph is made of titanium, it is lightweight. It is no doubt a large watch, but the numbers as well as the markers are big and bold, making it easy to tell the time even in poor light conditions. You might want to jump into the pool with this watch on your wrist as it is water resistant up to 200m depth.

Whether you purchase it for yourself or as a gift, you can’t go wrong with Citizen chronograph watches.