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Citizen Promaster WatchCitizen is a well known watch brand that is at the top position in the watch segment of the market. Citizen watches are sold the world over in major departmental stores as well as exclusive watch shops. They are also sold online and if you are looking for a luxury watch, you can find it at You’ll find a range of luxury Citizen watches to suit every budget and occasion. Citizen is a brand that spells style, class and luxury, making it an excellent fashion accessory for both, men as well as women.

For almost a century, the Citizen watches Company has been creating innovative timepieces that not only tell the time but offer other useful features as well. Citizen is famous for its Eco Drive technology where natural light powers the watch. Most of the luxury Citizen Watch models carry the Eco Drive technology so you never need to change a battery. The company has been a pioneer in offering green solutions to the world with its Citizen Eco Drive watches. has a huge selection of the most popular luxury citizen watches. Fancy a Classic Citizen Automatic? The website has several models to choose from. Or if you are looking for a radio controlled watch, the Citizen promaster dive watch is available with

The prices at are quite competitive. Take for example the Citizen Promaster Diver 21 Jewels Automatic – this model is available for under $200 at Citizen has been the first to create a professional diver’s watch with a depth sensor. It also produces self-winding automatic watches that look handsome on your wrist. The Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph is another luxury watch that is an extremely well designed timepiece to have in your collection.

While some of the diamond studded luxury Citizen aqualand promaster watch might be priced on the higher side, there are several beautiful models available at meant for the budget conscious consumer. Visit the site to find out more about luxury citizen watches at affordable prices.

As kids, many of us might have dreamt of becoming pilots to fly airplanes but few could realize their dreams. Citizen watches has especially created the Navihawk series for airplane fans – you can now easily buy a pilot’s watch to satisfy your dream. Citizen Navihawk (Pilot) watches are a part of the huge selection of luxury Citizen automatic watches for men available at

With, you can be assured of competitive pricing as well as genuine and brand new timepieces that are shipped to you in a safe manner. A huge selection of luxury Citizen watches to suit every budget is available; it is just a matter of selecting the right one to suit your lifestyle.