Unmistakably sporty appeal of Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches

Citizen Eco-Drive Metropolitan Men’s WatchBe it the Primo Stingray with the rotating, 360o-degree bezel and tachymeter with the 60-minute chronograph or the super accurate atomic timekeeping collection synchronized to the atomic clocks, Citizen’s Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches exude a simple, yet revolutionary philosophy. It is against ethics for a sports watch to stop due to a lack of running power when engaged in activity; more so for a chronograph for it tells you how accurate your hairsplitting decisions are. So Citizen did away with staying careful on the power part and announced Eco-Drive which, in plain words, means a watch that is independent from a pre-charged, single-use battery. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology converts light energy into electrical energy and that light can be either natural or artificial. The Eco-Drive watches don’t consume the converted energy real time though; there’s a rechargable lithium-ion cell where it’s stored first. The Eco-Drive mechanism keeps pushing the charge on one hand while the battery drains on the other; the loss/gain ratio will maintain an ever-running watch once the battery is charged fully. This takes care of millions of watches worldwide from being left alone once the batteries get exhausted; the Eco-Drive has broken the cycle and today’s consumers are happy about it.

The Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches stand out visually with their sculpted lines in highest grade materials, which are essentially metal, polymers, ceramics and leather. They are present in every watch either singly or in combinations that add a dash of style to make these timepieces something above ordinary.

Functionally, expect to find anything between a one-second and an 1/5-second chronograph; most come with a 12/24-hour time and date alongside. Some of them are race-inspired, connecting the fast-tracks to the style highway.

All that fine mechanism of the Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches, remain well-protected against whacks, bonks and bashes; again, its the materials used that does the wonder. The crystals are hard to scratch as much as the steel cases and they flush perfectly with the bezel-tops. It gives enough peace of mind and you don’t think again of – “…getting things slightly recessed”. You can hold that pristine state for long.

But things pretty much comes down to looks with the Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches and is a huge reason behind why they sell in millions. They are sizeable, noticeable and fashionable, although many you can’t wear with dress shirts. But with polo-s, turtle-necks or even with plain tee-s, they are far from being let-downs.

A bold watch on your wrist with a lot happening on its face is pretty awesome to look at! Not just to watch freaks but to the rest, Citizen Aqualand Diver Eco-Drive Men’s Watch are high-tech wearable accessories which don’t look like tool-s.

Citizen Eco Drive watches – Renowned for Excellence and Creativity

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph FB1200-51A Womens WatchIt’s not that converting light to electrical pulses is rare; the mechanism has been used by many but not the way it’s utilized in the Eco-Drive. The technology – in plain words – catches light on a solar panel that transforms its energy to electrical energy and thereby stores them in appropriate storage units. The magic is, whenever it gets some light, it starts making and storing electrical charges – which means, your watch shall never stop. There’s very less chance of a regular urban guy staying in darkness for several months at a stretch, so once you settle on an Eco-Drive, you got a lifetime watch. It’s different whether you want several of them to go with your diverse sets of clothings and situations, but buying a watch once and for all, there’s hardly another choice than the Eco-Drive from Citizen.

CITIZEN Eco-Drive watches are renowned for excellence in their build, precision and their performance. It’s their great esthetically-pleasing, technical designs that make the Eco-Drive the most well-known of all Citizen innovations. Citizen brought it out to shoulder the responsibilities of cultivating positive changes and support the culture growing out of it. In an era of on-going evolutions, Citizen hones their craft further to walk steadfastly into the future of time-telling.

CITIZEN’s multi-cultural mindset can be detected from as early as its time of inception. Since then, it has promoted and fostered excellence in creativity, making the brandname synonymous to high-end horology. Citizen’s power to churn out technological innovations one after the other conveys some deep knowledge in the field and automatically draws respect from watch connoisseurs around the world. It’s made for the global Citizen, so the time and geographical barriers really don’t matter.

Citizen’s comprehensive manufacturing processes and facilities create individual components going into an Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium. The final assembly integrates these components to a flawless fit and finish, reached with the zeal of an artisan’s and an artist’s. This dual approach to watch-making is Citizen’s hallmark; they always offer something more for the price you pay. It helps them push forward technological boundaries – rather, possible boundaries of technology – and leverage acquired experience in exploring further new possibilities, through one, pivotal breakthrough! Merging this cutting-edge power technology with the beauty of design creation, it is an inspiring consequence for them who like to be at their best, any time. Better Starts Now from CITIZEN communicates this being-the-best belief to the world we created and know of and that brand and identity can unite on different grounds.

Citizen’s excellence and creativity made them take several revolutionary steps forward. These manifest from both their products and concepts and has readied many of today’s consumer for tomorrow’s environment. 21st century Art, in horological form with a NATURAL inclination towards a better environment.