Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch: Tech-trick up the sleeve


Citizen Eco-Drive ChronographFunctionalities come galore into play on the dial of the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch and that’s not just the chronograph and the perpetual calendar. Take a closer look and you will be surprised by how little info the watch name conveys while hiding all inside its little, hard underbelly. More so, for the Citizen alarm (with perpetual calendar) chronographs with atomic clock syncing and world-time functions; the only problem that you might face is deciding which of the functions to check out first. That can be a bit mind-boggling first; a friendly suggestion, start by checking out the modes.

While there will always be a chunk abhoring complex operations and are devoid of any patience (for some, it’s I.Q.), the majority prefer wearable tech-carnivals that will inspire awe, turn heads and might even start a conversation or two.

While the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch looks complex, in reality, it’s way more simple than other gargantuan tech pieces requiring cheat sheets everytime. It’s all about getting the hang through intuitive selections; but then again, the subdials clearly indicate what you’re trying to do and leaves very little to guesswork.

As for the solar-powered side to the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Perpetual Calendar, it’s a great piece of tech that grants you peace of mind. No abrupt running-down of battery power; no breakage of factory seal – well, isn’t that you always wanted to see in a watch? The Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Depth Meter Watch brings you the chance of owning a piece of marvel that requires no maintenance apart from periodic exposure to natural or artificial light sources. That much done and you will have stories to tell about your watch for many years to come, with live demonstrations.

Coming to the perpetual calendar, it is a most useful and to a certain extent – a romantic complication that needs adjustment just once a century. That means no more the pesky job of adjusting the odd months and leap years. The calendar comes inegrated with the chronograph, alarm and a second timezone and the whole getup comes up glossy. Citizen’s decorative effects take away the tool part from the watch’s style and imparts it a more high-end look.

Now, nobody is telling you that the Citizen Eco Promaster Divers is the most innovative timepiece under the Sun, but the alarm chronograph/Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive collection is the max a low price can offer with a good value. No wonder they sell. If you ever wanted a watch that sits well as a daily wear with a lot of useful features that also qualify as pure fun in your leisure, there is no better choice than the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch.


Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Titanium Radio Controlled Men’s Watch: Hi-tech toughness

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Divers WatchCitizen’s concept of atomic timekeeping flourished through the Promaster range, the Titanium models soon becoming a favorite to technocrats. It received a world wide acclaim as much as Eco-Drive. The Promaster Titanium targeted the crowd that goes by split-second decisions, its radio controlled accuracy soon became a much-desired phenomenon among travellers, including aviators and balloonists, worldwide. The Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Titanium Radio Controlled men’s watch has since held ground as ultimate instruments when high speed and long distances merge. A great advancement in timepiece technology and experiments with exotic materials. They still continue to inspire awe.

As evident from the name, these are entirely made of titanium except for the bezel rings, which is stainless steel and run by the eco-drive system, but this time it’s bit more complicated than being just light driven or a calender set to run flawlessly over decades. Every Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Radio Controlled Men’s watch packs in atomic timekeeping for maximum accuracy.

The atomic clock sync occurs as the watch’s receiver catches radio signals from atomic clocks in Europe, USA, Japan and China. It also works for other Asian countries; however, the closer to China and Japan, better are your signals. Even when you don’t get any, the watch doesn’t lag or run ahead beyond a few seconds a month.

Functions and features are almost similar for the Citizen Aqualand Diver Watch watch as it is with other radio-controlled Promasters. Common features include a 24h dial, days/week, a chronograph, an alarm and dual/multiple time zones; often with a precise slide ruler turned by an additional crown. Needless saying the slide rule makes a lot of measurements easy; that can range from fuel consumption to ground speed calculations, from distance conversions to a lot more things. If you love pilot’s watches and gadgets but getting a hard time making a choice, it’s going to be a perfect match.

The first impression a Citizen Aqualand Promaster Diver Watch Men’s watch makes is with its lightweight construction. There’s precision even there; you might feel it’s a precise, Japanese, measuring instrument. Changing functions make the hands move to and fro, automatically and adjust according to the setting you choose. It’s the CPU inside that’s responsible; it will keep counting the time no matter what else you do with the watch. It controls the movement of the motors inside, which in turn drive the hands and wheels. It seems as futuristic as owning a miniature, personal robot!

The most interesting feature is perhaps the fixed case back, which is simply because you have no need to remove it for atleast 50 years or so. Get one if you are apprehending zombie apocalypses in the future, it’s tough enough to bust a few zombie nuts. Check out this new Citizen Eco Blue Angels Radio Controlled World Chronograph