Tissot Automatic T-Classic Mens Watch

Tissot Automatic T97.1.483.31 T-Classic Ballade III Mens WatchWatch chauvinists have long adored Tissot not only for their heritage but also for the fabulous styles and designs they keep belting out almost every year. This mindset is stronger among those who always liked, like and will keep on liking autos better. True, mechanicals also mean self-sufficiency; you are not reliant on another entity for feeding. You sure won’t like to see your expensive watch turning into a fancy paperweight just because you lack the time to take it to the service center or just plain unavailibility.

Next comes accuracy and watch guys shall value both of these in this aspect. Different arm positions averaged out within a 24 hour span; their mechanical factors shall lead to zero inaccuracy. Over longer spans; the accuracy factor for the T049.407.16.031.00 and the T038.430.11.067.00 is almost equal to quartz watches: +3 sec to -2 sec. Over a month’s span, the averages shall stay near zero variation.

Both the Mens Tissot Watches are inexpensive but looks way opposite to what they actually are. Enough to fool almost all of them around, the Tissot PR 100 and the T-One family have given the world two fabulous selections that are both precise and robust!

A traditional yet up-to-the-minute look is present in both. Swiss wizardry manifested in quality materials and craftsmanship, bringing an iconic status to the entire PR 100 and T-One line of watches. Let’s talk about one at a time.

The T049.407.16.031.00 is a brushed-finish on a brown leather strap. Now, there are hordes that match the combination and “they match smartly” is too commonplace. Let’s instead call it something slightly (actually, quite a lot) different from the run of the mill brown/silver combo. What really challenges your eyes is its somewhat industrial appearance. It runs on the 25 jewel ETA 2824-2 caliber, a trusted workhorse from the ETA mechanical line of chronometer grades with ETACHRON regulator mechanism.

Nothing much to say about the luminescent hands; Tissot Womens Watches quality speaks here again.

The T038.430.11.067.00 is a double celebration from the T-One line. A perfectly advanced piece of technology in an admirable embodiment, it represents quite a few occassions including engagements, weddings and anniversaries. A 25 jewel, Swiss ETA 2834-2 Tissot men’s watches automatic mechanical movement beats inside; it is the 2824 with a day function. It holds power worth about 42 hours when fully winded. The stainless steel bracelet can be replaced with a brown leather band, maintaining parity with the brown dial.

When true elegance meets sophisticated, classic styles, products like the T049.407.16.031.00 and the T038.430.11.067.00 come out to complement your occassion; both are suitable for formal daytime parties and evenings of ultimate luxury. From banquets to business dinners and corporate parties, these two are intended for them with refined tastes.