Grand Seiko Automatic 72 Hours SBGR071 Mens Watch

Grand Seiko Automatic 72 Hours SBGR071 Mens WatchLet’s say first that a Grand Seiko is not for them who want to change their watches every couple of years or so. While that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to go for another piece that you might come across and like; it’s just to say it’s not a use-and-throw piece. Even if you are capable of burning a few thousand dollars just because you want fireworks and you are too lazy to go down the road to the firecracker shop.

Guess you got the idea. So the Grand Seiko is a watch that you buy to cover a lifetime and oftentimes, longer. Such is its reliability and durability. And how much ever surprising it may sound, the GS exceeds the Suisse chronometer standards by several notches; it’s the Grand Seiko precision and reliability standards! No doubt it was a substantial challenge but Seiko’s answer to it proved one thing: the Grand Seiko standard evolved (and is evolving) rapidly, its spirit kept intact and bettered with time. Simple, exacting ideals and that’s the strength of Grand Seiko for a little more than half a century. Our firmest belief it will be so for the following five decades or more.

It’s just Seiko’s focus on the pure essentials of watch making that show through the Grand Seiko watches, so it goes without saying the Seiko Prospex Watches shall also exhibit nothing less than what to be expected out of another GS. An ultimate, functional watch with the highest degrees of accuracy and reliability, the SBGR071 offers a very high degree of legibility added with extra levels of added wearing comfort. But that’s what a luxury watch is supposed to be and the Seiko Chronograph Perpetual fills into the category in every aspect of it. The restrained appearance, without any unnecessary elaboration, undue decoration and flashy frills makes it a pure and simple, thinking man’s watch, taken to perhaps one of the highest levels of art over the past fifty years, by a team dedicated to perfect deceivingly simplistic design touches, light years away from being garish or gaudy. The trend continues today as well, though the times changed and Seiko Kinetic Chronograph -making expertise and technology evolved rapidly as well as its spirit and essence. With its roots based firmly on its 50 year old history (which includes Grand Seiko’s entry level 9S65 movement), the Grand Seiko stands on its simple, exacting ideals and shall continue being so for the next fifty years to come and perhaps, for many more years beyond.

There are many people who handed down basic Swiss watches as family heirlooms, but you have a different choice now – a HIGH-END Jap that beats Suisse any day in all the aspects!

Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Champagne Dial Crystals MK6094 Womens Watch

Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Champagne Dial Crystals Womens WatchConsider the Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Champagne Dial with crystal settings a modern rendition of a classic styling. The full range of features leaves nothing more to be desired, which also makes the MK 6094 a perfect watch for just any ensemble. Strictly business formals or a cocktail and dinner; elegant evening gowns or your little black dress – anytime of the day, evening or night – it’s going to accompany you wherever you might want to take it along.

Its stylish, rose-gold tinted stainless steel band preserves the continuity of the chic, rose-gold toned dial, resulting in a smooth transition from the watch-body to the bracelet, imparting impeccable smoothness to the eyes. With a reliable, Japanese, quartz movement housed within, there’s a durable mineral crystal that adds to its overall sturdiness. Much like the modern woman of substance, it’s delicate and lithesome from the outside while tough as a rock from the inside. That makes it quite a fascinating piece, offering plenty of interest within the stylistic parameters.

Coming to the Womens Michael Kors Watches, it keeps away from looking old or stuffy; in fact, the layout imparts a classy appearance that’s far from boring. The gold-tinted hands and markers reflect even the slightest speck of light, which means, even under a low-light condition, you can read the time accurately. Being water resistant to a hundred meters (330 feet), it is more than secured for a frolic in the water park and don’t be afraid of knocks of bumps while doing so. The Michael Kors Designer Watches has been built to take more than that. It’s never going to miss a beat!

However, keeping aside all technicalities, this is a women’s timepiece that’s great for even very formal occasions. Credits go to its crystal settings around the bezel, imparting the Blair an undeniably feminine appeal that strikes and marvels even the most fussy and discriminating buyers. It wins right away for its classic shape, which you might call timeless but in reality, much more than that. The pave accents magnify the brightness many times, adding the much needed dazzle to brighten up even the weary Monday mornings. It shines you up instantly, its embellishments imbuing tons of glam in a jiffy. That makes for some serious sparkle for an everyday life! That makes it a very much desired fashion accessory to every woman of style. In short, it is visually striking, beautiful to wear and an efficient and versatile timepiece to rely upon.

Look no further if making a style statement is what you always want and wanted, the Michael Kors Watches Online are here to take your dressing up to the next level of unprecedented glam!