Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch

Nautica WatchesNautica is a well known brand that has so far been immensely successful in combining distinctive styles and bold colours to create some really unique designs. The inspiration for most of the Nautica watches come from the sport of sailing and the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is one of them.

It’s an energetic lifestyle the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch reflects. Its appeal has proved equally irresistible to global consumers and the style is not the only reason behind. But then again, speaking of the style, it is an epitome of classic American styling. Blending with it the latest technical innovations, it makes for a bold choice to people who are always at the go. Its durable resin band is a proof enough; it has been created keeping in mind the wear and tear of rough playgrounds while the premium stopwatch mechanism inside shows its capabilities for accurate sports timekeeping. It can be thus said the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is a perfect combination between sportiness and reliability.

Its powerful built doesn’t come from the styling alone but from the high-grade materials that go into it; from the stainless steel used for the watch case to the hardened mineral glass, every component is carefully selected and made to withstand the pressure of demanding, high-energy sports. Beautiful yet resistant to intense impacts, knocks and bumps, this makes the Nautica BFD 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch earn most of the points in the field of utilitarian designs.

Talking about the fit, it is the snuggest one that you will find in any watch belonging to the same price category. It is meant to survive the decades, so it must also attach to its owner accordingly. Playing hard on the land or in the water is not possible unless your watch sticks to you; the Nautica Classic 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch makes sure it doesn’t leave place no matter how adverse the situation might be. Its energetic design and fun-to-wear feel is seldom going to make you leave it behind when you go out. And that’s not just to the playgrounds only.

The quartz chronograph movement of the Nautica NST 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is a reliable one too, with a high degree of accuracy and a more than decent battery life, even with frequent usage of the chronograph. Zero maintenance charges apart from battery replacements every 2 to 3 years, the Nautica NSR 05 Sporty Resin N17597G Mens Watch is for people who are not particularly careful about their wrist wear, yet want to sport a stylish timepiece with contrasting colour combinations that shock in a very subtle way.

Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch

Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens WatchOrient signed to sponsor the SUBARU TECNICAL INTERNATIONAL INC. (STI) in 2009 to test the functionality and durability of their watches as they share the pressure of the racetracks with their respective wearer. It was to prove that Japanese Engines are always the best. It’s the same degree of seriousness that goes into the Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch.

The first thing we can say about the Orient Automatic 21 Jewels World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch is it has something very different from other world time watches. This brings the watch its WOW factor and puts it head and shoulders above competitions, even with some of the Swiss!

The highlight of the watch is its dial. Apart from the exuding class and a fine craftsmanship, emphasis goes into its two-layer main dial. There are two chapter rings, with the world time (inner) and names of the cities (outer) written on them. Very clearly printed and therefore, very legible, the external ring rotates as the 4’oclock crown is turned.

Setting the world time needs aligning your current city to the current time on the 24 hour chapter ring. This aligns the rest of the cities (all in different time zones) to their respective current time; however, this is not a digital watch so daylight savings time does not apply.

Inside, there ticks an Orient M-Force Automatic 46K40 movement, which doesn’t take manual winding and doesn’t hack. But, with the power reserve meter, manual winding is not a big factor since you always know when to shake it up a bit. But then again, with its fabulous wrist presence, you shall give it a fair amount of wrist time, which takes care of the winding part. Four to 6 hours of wearing winds it up fully.

As for the hacking part, it is important for COSC certified watches or those syncing to atomic signals; besides, this one is much more accurate (+ 7 seconds a day) than normal mechanical watches and doesn’t require resetting every now and then. Among the extra, there’s a display back that allows seeing the movement inside. The movement is a decorated one with 21 jewels; there are Geneva-styled waves and swirls machined on it. Sapphire crystals on both sides (on the dial and on the caseback) with ARC (anti-reflective coating) make it even more attractive!

Overall, the Orient Automatic Fashionable World Time Power Reserve FA06001B Mens Watch is a very satisfying watch that never fails to perform its duty. It is of a great value and compares very well with entry-level Swiss made watches, at a price that’s far lower. Agreed even by fans of Swiss timepieces, the Orient Star Standard Date FA06001B Mens Watch conveys a quality that’s simply great and capable of changing the perceptions of a lot of people to whom Swiss is synonymous to watches.