Swatch Originals Snowcovered Swiss Quartz GK733 Unisex Watch

Swatch Originals Snowcovered Swiss Quartz GK733 Unisex WatchConsider the Swatch Originals Snowcovered Swiss Quartz GK733 Unisex Watch as the first step towards spending wisely for fashion. It’s for those times when you like to save your disposable income, which will make affording a real high-end watch easier in the future.

Quality often suffers in those pursuits but this time Swatch – the most light-hearted brand from the Swatch Group – ensures that you don’t. Rather, expect some amount of playfulness that gels perfectly with the holiday flow. There’s no confused feeling about it; just smile and go with it.

That’s the beauty of a Swatch Original that turned the world upside down right from the start. Swatch has put its heart and soul into bringing out the creativity in simplicity; this time, minus the eye-popping colours. The amazing materials and an arresting design is; however, at par with the rest of the collection.

The Swatch Originals Snowcovered Swiss Quartz GK733 Unisex Watch is a stark contrast to the peppy, flashy and naughty designs that have kind of become synonymous to Swatch. So this time, they were to prove it’s possible to be popular with simplicity and carry beauty, harmony and precision without compromising on any of them.

At most, you can call it the festive watch with a day and date window and embossed numerals blending with the dial. Time is not that important amidst a festive mood but it also must not be the ‘holiday unknown’. You notice the time when you really want to, for the colours of holiday fun are far more spectacular to watch.

Despite being labelled as a Unisex timepiece, it is more fun for the ladies to wear it albeit men can also sport it when they dress full in white. It is a nice alternative to the more expensive horological toys during the times when you really don’t want to worry about what’s on your wrist; more so, for there’s nothing to be damaged in the watch, including the movement. Again, it is simplicity the Snowcovered owes to!

It’s the frosted look of the winters that’s going to cool you down during the hot months.

The Snowcovered from Swatch captures the love of frost on a watch! The all white face has frosted straps to match and stands out as a fashion piece with its pristine white colour scheme.

The Swatch Something New GK733 Unisex Watch has been seen on the hands of Rosamund Pike in the movie What We Did on Our Holiday. This funny, dark comedy provided the perfect background for the Snowcovered to exhibit; simple but beautiful. As a part of the Originals, it too features a transparent case that’s just 34mm wide and 39 mm long. Sleek and stylish, its white band helps to bring the look together and catch the eyes.

Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 17488 Womens Watch

Invicta Womens WatchesIn the higher plane of harmonizing, the Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 17488 Womens Watch is a perfectly balanced functional accessory. It’s one of the watches holding a graceful diversity with every sartorial dogma. There are touches that offer to satisfy moods, occasions and tastes. With one condition, the settings should be elegant. This is not your average beer-pub watch, but it’s great for the girls’ night outs! Its sturdiness shall showcase the aspects of feminine prowess with no bounds.

Not all inspired creations are jewellery, or some fashion item; Invicta demonstrates the hypothesis through its technical and design prowess. The Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 17488 Womens Watch is not just a timepiece of style but also of a good value. It’s one of those very well-crafted timepieces offered at an extremely modest sum. The price makes it a piece of Swiss luxury for anyone who desires it. It’s a bigger door to witness the Invicta quality and its value.

The impressive accents and elements on the bezel and the dial are intricate; bringing forth a truly dainty, feminine appeal. The Roman numerals and the seconds-marks bring the dial its fullness while the squares on the top create a well-defined dial border and impart prominence to the whole of the dial.

The design itself brings out the spirit of never-ending possibilities in your everyday life. It sends up a flare for the wearer to look well-defined. Spending is not just about an amount but also the way you spend it, which means, wisely. Its strong construction brings out the gutsy side of Swiss!

The Invicta Titanium Chronograph Accented 17488 Womens Watch is guaranteed to keep attracting followers. It is how years of training builds up to a great deal of pride of achieving the glorious Swiss standard. The crystal-studded Invicta Angel packs in guts with the courage of convictions. Appreciate the stronger side of ladies’ fashion! It’s for the times you want to dress heavily for the ethereal energies to connect you with time following Angelic patterns.

The crystal-accented Invicta Angel has been built keeping power-dressing in mind, but it goes with most of the fashionable outfits of today. It is an even symbol of fashion and luxury, specifically tailored to suit specific styles more.

The Angel sets up a harmonious relation between a supernal design and high-quality, gold-plated stainless steel. Its beauty and purity creates a stunning pattern that blends in seamlessly with most colour schemes, throwing any creative fashionista off-the-brink with its simple elegance. This is highly unlikely of any of the blatant creations that stand out from the ensemble without really making any difference. The Invicta Angel, though big, thick and immensely affordable, it is still a luxury quartz timepiece for the most hard-to-please fashion diva. The Invicta Subaqua Noma Watches will meet the needs and preferences for design, colour and style.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph Grande Date CAN1011.BA0821 Mens Watch


Tag Heuer Mens WatchThe Tag Heuer Aquaracer is a gorgeous timepiece designed specifically for the deep seas. It is one of the most renowned watches used for undersea diving and by the most dedicated professionals/ Created for professional divers with ideas coming from professional divers, the Aquaracer chronograph has undergone many rigorous tests so far that are considered the ultimate in terms of both water resistance and accuracy.

Crafted to operate flawlessly till 900 feet under the sea, the name Aquaracer itself speaks about its inspirations. It is dedicated to the sport of sailing; it is an arena where requirements, even shorter by a grain, can spell disasters. The Aquaracer, with its unrivalled, sportive distinction, is an affirmative nod to the turbid oceans. Above the dial is a domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which brings more clarity to the things underneath, offering max legibility in murky, dark waters. So you can guess how the visibility will be outside the water.

Extra functionality comes from the date display and the chronograph; its staggering, 300m of a water resistance making it resistant to every force of nature. The screw-in caseback bears a special diver decoration and the helium valve (at 10’o clock) comes with an extra protective seal. Its inner workings are as impressive as its exteriors. Yes, despite it being quartz.

The watch has several unique features which accommodate deep sea divers and should be noted:

• A three-dial chronograph.

• An unidirectional turning bezel.

• A screw-in crown with double gaskets.

Some might ask what a chronograph is doing in a diving watch. Well, it not only suffices in tracking the time you are under water (and therefore, tells you about the amount of oxygen you have left) but also helps to measure anything where accuracy is paramount! Here, you get the accuracy of 1/10th of a second. Such accuracy and fine division of time has logical relevance for any kind of fun you want to experience with ultimate safety; here, you can take it up to 12 hours at a stretch.

The unidirectionally turning bezel is another safety feature that works as a countdown timer that charts exactly how long you have been engaged in a specific task without engaging the chronograph. Or, to say differently, it helps you to preset the amount of time you want to spend at a job and track the lapse of time. It turns only to the right, so there’s no chance of knocking it with a surface and let the reading to haywire. The six large studs surrounding the bezel ensures you do not lose grip while turning it under wet conditions or when you are wearing thick gloves. The same applies to the oversized, screw-in crown. And the clasp – well, with TAG, you really don’t need to explain things.

All in all, the incredibly accurate, immaculately designed Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M is suitable to people from all walks of life, not just divers.