Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M GA-710GB-1A Men’s Watch: A new Standard with the line of Fashion and worn by B-boys

Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M GA-710GB-1A Men’s WatchThe Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M GA-710GB-1A Men’s Watch, is from the brand Casio which is constantly in the mode of innovation of styles and technologies. The resin make is an amazing technology of moulding it into dials, hands and markers with a metal like shine, which has set amazing standards among the resin modeled wrist watches. The mineral glass case cover is again scratch resistant and tough enough to withstand pressures on it. A whopping 200 meter water resistance allows your companion to take to deep sea diving.

Apart from this the Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M GA-710GB-1A Men’s Watch, contains all the features of a normal G-shock watch. The super illuminator led light, world timer, which includes 31 time zones, daylight saving and different time swapping. The 1/100 count stopwatch, countdown timer and 5 daily alarms are all standard features of a g-shock. The hands get auto adjusted to show the digital timer also.

Casio is among the rare brands which in my opinion are actually making timepieces that feel like an authentic expression of our contemporary times – with impressive functions and pricing that isn’t purely luxury-minded. Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M GA-710GB-1A Men’s watches are for style, quality, as well as functionality – as the latter is a huge part of the Casio product value proposition.

Casio is fighting an interesting battle because on one end they must meet the aesthetic and material expectations of increasingly sophisticated watch lovers, and at the same time satisfy the engineers that make up the company by producing actually relevant “useful” watches that are priced as competitively as possible. The watch recharges the internal battery using sunlight (or any ambient light). Combining performance and value, the Casio G-Shock G-Lide Tide Graph Analog Digital Mens Watch collection is a solid way to go when wanting the latest and greatest G-Shock watch.

Bottom line: Mens Casio Watches a brand that constantly is setting standards a new with its every new model. So is this watch with all new technology with the same Casio caliber, automatic. The standout feature here is the moulded resin which has been done to make the dial, analog hands and the hour markers. The black and gold colour tones add up to the tough and energetic look.

Nixon 48-20 Chrono Quartz A363-1602-00 Men’s Watch: A Watch Built for Greatness to Measure Speed of Time

Nixon 48-20 Chrono Quartz A363-1602-00 Men’s WatchNixon 48-20 Chrono Quartz A363-1602-00 Men’s Watch, has a look of heavy duty construction with the iconic Nixon lineage, with a 6 hand chrono dial, concave bezel which is also rotational and seconds track and a date window at the 6o’ clock marker. The sub dials pose at 3o’clock for the minutes reader, 12o’clock as the seconds reader and at 9o’ clock as the 1/20th seconds reader. The pushers and crown positions are on the left side of the dial to minimize the wrist bites on the wrist, a new thought though. The leather bands and buckle are available in various colours along with a stainless steel band too.

Nixon 48-20 Chrono Quartz A363-1602-00 Men’s Watch, has a Miyota Japanese quartz 6 hand wide eye 1/20th second chronograph with date and 9 hour crown and pusher placement. The dial is surrounded by a concave dial ring and includes bold printed indices, a printed seconds track, CD textured sub dials, and custom molded hands. 48mm, 200 meter/20 ATM custom solid stainless steel case, solid stainless steel unidirectional rotating bezel with countdown timer, hardened mineral crystal, triple gasket screw down crown and pushers, anodized aluminum pusher sleeve on chronograph reset pusher, stainless steel screw down case back and screw pin lugs.

Nixon offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase from or an authorized Nixon dealer. This means that if the materials in your watch aren’t right or if the watch isn’t put together correctly, we’ll repair or replace it, at our option. But, this doesn’t mean you can abuse your watch and expect us to fix it for free. It don’t cover normal wear and tear or batteries*, crystal, watch case, strap, bracelet, loss or theft. You will void your warranty if you open your case back, push the buttons underwater, or forget to screw down or push in the crown and expose your watch to moisture. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims and service requests, so hold onto your receipt. Nixon will not accept a warranty claim or repair request if a watch has evidence of excessive wear or misuse.

Overall, what might be said is that the Nixon Corporal Quartz Men’s Watch is a good looking watch with the brains and brawn. The California based watchmaker has truly produced an eye catcher.

Bottom line: A wristwatch after many watches, with a feel of measuring the torque an speed instruments. Is an wide eyed chronograph watch, nod to the horology world, as to what’s under the hoods. A New Nixon Watches built to be great in every aspect, a fully loaded one to shoot to perfection and accuracy with its measurement techniques.

Orient Automatic Multi-Year Calendar World Time EU0B003F Mens Watch: What is a Wrist Watch without the looks?

Orient Automatic Multi-Year Calendar World Time EU0B003F Mens WatchThe yellow black and steel combination of the Orient Automatic Multi-Year Calendar World Time EU0B003F Mens Watch gives it a mysterious and attractive look. A cool feature on the watch dial makes it a professional and adventurously balanced watch. The offshore, different time zones make it even more interesting for the watch collectors. To make sure that everything runs right at the calendar at 6 o clock, first, adjust the one at 12 o clock such that the current month is in line with the year displayed on the curved disc below it. According to Orient, the day/date function at 6 o clock will be accurate till 2031 (which is also the last year available on the disc at 12 o clock), which is quite remarkable. There is also a leap year indicator.

Moving down south, in Orient Automatic Multi-Year Calendar World Time EU0B003F Mens Watch, you get a very display which not only tells you which day of the week is falling on which date but also what the rest of the days/dates are for the rest of the month.

Ever encountered a situation where someone asks what date next Thursday is and everyone pulls out their phones to check? With this watch, all you have to do is glance for 2 seconds and you can proudly announce the answer. Legibility wise, it is reasonable, what with the amount of information it has to present in such minute text.

The ability to mentally calculate dates will make the reading a lot easier.

In the Orient Automatic Multi-Year Calendar World Time EU0B003F Mens Watch, the date window is clearly displayed at 3 o clock and the Orient logo is prominent at 9 o clock. The usage of square, rectangular and sword hour markers adds diversity and makes the dial stand out even from a distance. The Orient Contemporary Automatic Mens Watch is a truly unique timepiece.

The Orient Automatic Multi-Year Calendar World Time EU0B003F Mens Watch, is the first watch I’ve seen that comes with such a calendar function and probably the only one?

Bottom line: A rare look with the black background makes it look daring and stylish and as if, that you are wearing the world up against your sleeves like a wrist watch! A watch that you can be proud to show off with all kinds of worldly complexities tied to the wrist. New Orient Watches did the job again…. to keep you awestruck.

Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch: Cute and Futuristic

Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s WatchThe Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch has an entirely automated manufacturing process, using 51 parts just like the original quartz Swatch watch. The Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch gets laser-aided adjustments to avoid further adjusting; it’s Swiss quality and reliability holds till its last tick. The movement is airtight; sealed so that it never drifts and costs just one-fourth of what an entry-level Swiss auto does. Anybody who never owned an automatic watch before shall find the Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch a romantic choice as much as the man appreciating everything that ticks via clockwork.

The tick of the Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch is quiet; far subtler than some quartz movements’ grating electronic chunk…chunk…chunk. It is shower-proof but might not be against vigorous, water-sports sessions. Not even field sports like baseball and polo.

The rotor mechanism is clearly visible from the clear window at the back, winding the watch with great aplomb. The winding is loud enough to get noticed if whirred around, but strangely comforting. The entire movement is a real engineering feat, but no way traditional! It’s an incredibly simple movement shaped by highly complex manufacturing processes that pulls in 51 parts, spread around five interconnected modules using only one central screw. It includes 19 jewels and the regulating is done by machines, using only solders. The balance wheel assembly and adjustment receives laser adjustments to fix the chronometric rate. Both the balance wheel and the escapement are made from synthetic, anti-magnetic materials that assist further in fighting deregulation. So does the ARCAP made bridges and plates; the material is anti-magnetic and doesn’t get affected by temperature changes. The power-reserve is 90 hours; more than double of ETA’s or Soprod and it has an accuracy of + 7 seconds per day. This rate is very close to COSC chronometer requirements i.e. -4 to +6 seconds a day!

How reliable is the Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch? The movement is solid and accurate, but what if a problem arises? Neither the balance wheel, nor the escapement mechanism is adjustable, so the only option remain is replacing the whole movement. Worry not; it comes cheap for the Swatch Mens Watches .

Still, the Swatch Irony Sistem Navy Automatic YIS409 Men’s Watch comes with the attributes of expensive, serviceable timepieces like the hacking-seconds mechanism and the manual winding feature. That way, it is ahead of quite a few Japanese, entry-level timepieces.

Bottom line: The Swatch Originals Automatic Men’s Watch is an inexpensive and revolutionary automatic watch that made the watch industry go mad with excitement, followed by an extended quiet.

Victorinox Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph Quartz 241745 Men’s Watch: The Ultimate Timeless Timepiece

Victorinox Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph Quartz 241745 Men’s WatchVictorinox Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph Quartz 241745 Men’s Watch, is the alliance series which features a stainless steel body and case which is high quality. The big dial sizes up to 44mm in diameter and has a fixed bezel. A 20mm width band makes a good match with the heavy dial. It’s clean and legible, it’s big and chunky, and it’s “regimented.” It has chronograph function which is Swiss made and is up to the finest precision. The white dial has pyramidal markers that provides effortless time readability. The silver pyramidal hands and hour markers make the time more visible. The 44-mm case frames a perfectly symmetrical dial featuring a trio of chronograph discs and a contrasting monochromatic metallic finish. A chronographic watch showing date, day of the week. A scratch proof high quality sapphire crystal, which is triple coated anti-reflective.

Victorinox Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph Quartz 241745 Men’s Watch emphasizes practical, unfussy watches that reflect those traits with masculine designs. From a technical perspective, these Original watches are the same as the other “new” Originals, but with new color options. Victorinox Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph Quartz 241745 Men’s Watch already released both the three-hand and chronograph versions, but they are still “newer” models. What really struck me was how nice looking the pieces are from a design perspective. Swiss Army is known for having a keen eye for details such as legibility and style.

This one is the sportier looking model with linked steel strap. The overall look of these Mens Victorinox Watches are just great. It has great contrast between the black dial, the stainless steel lugs and the stainless steel polished bezel. The black chronograph pushers have a semi-matte finish and looks great up against the brushed stainless steel 43mm case.

The black dial is offset nicely with stainless steel luminous hour markers. There are three sub-dials located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions and a date window that appears on the dial at the 6 o’clock position. While the date window should cause some mid-heaviness with the visual weight, Victorinox Swiss Army Quartz Men’s Watch. The case has a solid construction with a solid case back which is engraved with the logo.

As Victorinox Swiss Army continues to flesh out the popular Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph Quartz 241745 Men’s Watch collection with more models, it is doing the brand a service by helping to promote a very strong product.

Bottom line: An ultimate unique time piece from the Swiss house the maker of original Swiss knives. A high performance magic, that will guide through the everyday advert city sharp, distinctive and exceptional with metallic finish and a wrist watch that is made ready for the long haul.

Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch: Simple, Sophisticated, Precision performance

Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s WatchAny high-quality, substantial quartz-watch alike, the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch provides a relentless service and earns a few extra points on the accuracy ground. It requires very less maintenance and has a pretty long battery-life. One service every time the battery is replaced readies it for another few years of reliable timekeeping.

The Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch uses very little power for running the chronograph. It counts lapsed time accurately, without needing to worry about the battery. It goes with a wide range of styles; from rugged to formal. With casual clothes, it shines the best! It is a beautiful watch, with an in-depth beauty that starts revealing with you getting familiar to it. Its design aesthetic is sharp, with hints of classic and traditional influences amidst its textural details.

A fairly basic model, the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch has a simple dial layout with three distinct sections showing regular seconds, 24-hour timekeeping and the chronograph minutes. Its automobile-influences show, strong enough to create a blip on the radar!

Citizen by itself is popular for creating inexpensive watches built robust. They are meant for the urban citizens of the world. A true engineering spirit is seen within the company that makes 200 million watches a year and is led by engineers. Its rich engineering heritage brings their very high-precision, highly functional movements, exotic materials and advanced protective features through proprietary, interesting technologies that are fused with beauty. A certain kind of perfection attained as the consequence of following correctly and constantly all their inspirations. Its purpose of existence; therefore, is justified!

Citizen’s comprehensive manufacturing process includes making of individual components that find way into a watch’s final assembly. The thermo-compensated Miyota Caliber OS10 quartz movement the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch gets is built fully by Online Citizen Watches, from ground up. It doesn’t go beyond +20 seconds on either side. The chronograph has been intricately crafted; it’s accurate to the point! It counts up to 59 minutes with one-second increments. It is safe till 300 feet under water and its large, easy-to-read dial gives a clean view even in murky waters. The Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch is built in surgical grade stainless steel with a strong mineral crystal covering the matt black dial. It can handle very well the stress of rough sports and recreational adventures and activities.

Bottom line: The Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch gets all the love for all the right reasons. It’s something that you end up with much appreciation for everything it offers. It gives you very near-absolute kind of accuracy that’s affordable and has the right weight. When you get into quartz, this is an option that brings you some tasty, cool technology.

Timex the Waterbury Indiglo Original Quartz TW2P83800 Men’s Watch- the Affordable and Stylish Watch

Timex the Waterbury Indiglo Original Quartz TW2P83800 Men’s WatchTimex the Waterbury Indiglo Original Quartz TW2P83800 Men’s Watch, a truly stylized wrist watch which screams to be timeless. The watch was brought in the market to celebrate TIMEX as a 160-year-old iconic watch brand. Featured in this model is classic analogue dial with the date calendar, an ageless design. The steel case speaks about the pure craftsmanship and traditional horology. A pure stainless steel watch case with a leather strap that is hand stitched along the has the famous Timex technology of QUICKDATE, a trademark of Timex, which makes the date setting easy.

The watch is a mere 50-meter water resistant, which makes it a casual sport watch and not a serious one. The best part of this watch is the INDIGLO® LIGHT-UP WATCH DIAL technology an in-house wonder from the brand which has a light up background option on press of the crown. A buckle –up strap in pure leather and gun metal steel with polished or brushed finish makes the look all the more classy. The case cover being a mineralized one makes it tough and durable. The 40 mm dial and 20 mm lug gives it a perfect proportion to fit male wrist. The round dial makes it a smart wear and thus can be worn by females too who likes the tomboyish look on them.

With all simplistic functionalities and the classic vintage look it is a great wear for the teenagers and those, who are adventurous. A great watch that can be gifted to the teenager son or a daughter and even the parents can wear it on chances. A watch with lower price tag can be rough used daily from school to colleges to friends outing and even adventure trips.

A sturdy simple quartz wristwatch, which gives you the assurance of not being faded away even in the dark. The brands signature glow in the dark technology which is known as INDIGLO, can be manually operated by the push of the INDIGLO crown. Timex Intelligent Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz Indiglo Men’s Watch is a real celebration of life and longevity, a casual watch which has a sheer vintage look.

Bottom line: A watch line since 1854, Timex Watches for Men are truly vintage watch company with simplistic designs, movements and complexities. Timex the Waterbury Indiglo Original Quartz TW2P83800 Men’s Watch, promises exactly the same and stick to its vintage analogue American style. Available in a classic design with dials in three different colour combinations like, teal blue ,gunmetal case and brown straps; the other one being beige dial. Tan straps and steel case and the third being the classic black dial, brown leather straps and steel dial case. Simple, humble and classic.

Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch

Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s WatchThe Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch qualifies even as a first-time buy for newbies! For veteran collectors, it is going to add one more jewel to their collections.

The Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch has a color scheme that’s different from the rest. Calling it beautiful, or bold or striking will be understatements; the reddish tinge of the dial resembles the discoloration that occurs through decades to an otherwise off-white dial with environmental factors influencing the change. Thus, its design becomes a perfect choice for those looking for a real classic-looking piece that won’t falter anytime soon. You can wear it to work, to formal parties and social gatherings and yet, to a chilled out weekend. Its Japanese Quartz movement is never going to let you down if you are attentive to its requirements about battery replacements every couple of years.

The Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch fits ever wrist size perfectly. It has been designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. Only top quality materials found way into the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch.

Despite its classic ambience, the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch offers a peppy, sporty feature which is the chronograph; it is fairly accurate in its function and is perfectly suitable for use in recreational sports. The watch also conveys time in a 24 hour format but its real function is to help you adjust to time differences when you are crossing from one time-zone to another. It is very much a traveler’s watch, especially if you are flying business class. And just like most of the watches today, it also displays the date, which needs to be adjusted manually for even months.

From the top, the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch is covered by a fairly scratch proof mineral crystal, which is essential for retaining the brand new look. The surgical grade steel construction is durable and hardy and needs deliberate abuse to gather scratches and dents. All these make the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Quartz AR2433 Men’s Watch a simple yet highly defined, refined watch that’s packed with useful features; highly desirable yet simple, with everything provided in metered doses. The details contrast subtly, which proves the watch to be very easy on the eyes.

Blending modern functionality with an elegant, classic design, the Emporio Armani Watches Mens are perfect for any type of clothing as long as it’s not ultra-casual. Its stylish and highly sophisticated design is simply perfect for business professionals looking for a high degree of versatility.

Bottom Line: The Emporio Armani Renato Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch is always going to be at the top of the favorites list of classic watch lovers.

Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 Men’s Watch: The power of Precision

Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 T1166171104700 Men’s WatchThe Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 T1166171104700 Men’s Watch prides itself on delivering an excellent value no matter where you put it into use. The Chrono XL is a prominent member of its T-Sport line, which is famous for its award-winning nature on courts, tracks and fields.

With its large diameter standing at 45mm across, the Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 T1166171104700 Men’s Watch with a stainless steel case and a 100m of water resistance, it keeps the Swiss ETA G10.212 quartz chronograph movement safe both from water and humidity to seep in and create those irreversible damages. Aesthetically, it is designed to be youthful and stylistically versatile, which makes it an excellent everyday wear, making statements with its clean elements out of which, the easily readable markers are definitely one of the most important. The Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 keeps the dial occupied to a sensible extent while the 10 hour chronograph function adds a lot of professional functionality to the mix. But apart from that, its vintage-inspired aesthetics give it a decidedly masculine character which is more inclined towards a more sophisticated, matured feel.

The ETA G10.212 quartz chronograph movement displays time through an analog format; both the hourly display and measured time. It is operated with the two pushers and adjusted through the 3’0 clock crown. The small seconds are counted with the jumping hand at the 6 o’clock counter while the long, central seconds hand measures the stopwatch seconds in 1/10th increments for 30 minutes at a stretch, which can be counted in both ADD and SPILT modes. The movement comprises 4 Jewels and a moderate usage (run for 30 minutes twice every day) shall make the battery last for a little over 24 months. If the chronograph is never used, it will last for more than three years.

The movement also features Tissot Watches for Men own PowerDrive and PreciDrive technologies, the latter bringing a precision that passes the COSC chronometer standards if not exposed to impacts and/or temperatures staying between 20°C and 30°C. It is the result of thermo-compensation operating principle, which controls and regulates the motor pulses depending on the ambient temperature. Moisture, however; has no impact upon the technology. The former one, however; is the technology that drives the hands, offering greater precision and resolution than the older methods, making it possible to count the stopwatch seconds to their fractions.

Bottom line: The Tissot T-Classic Quartz Men’s Watch is a 2017 offering from the brand for contemporary, fashion-aware men valuing a classic style with useful, modern features. The Tissot Chrono XL exhibits the core values of the brand based on its performance and precision and therefore, delivers accurate results every time you put it into use and that includes its performance in the sporting arena.

Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch

Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s WatchThe Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch is one from OMEGA’s sporty Seamaster collection but not just another one! It is an exquisite example of the renowned watch-making that created some excellent dive watches to add into their heritage and push further the adventurous pioneering spirits.

The Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch hosts a yellow, five-minute countdown tracker on the same sub-dial at 3, working also as a 30-minute counter for the chronograph. The sub-dial at 6 is a 12-hour recorder while the small seconds are counted with the sub-dial at 9.

The primary difference between most other diving watches and the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch is the matte black (actually, more deep graphite grey than black), ceramic, unidirectional rotating bezel. Mounted upon the 44 mm stainless steel case; there’s a helium-escape valve to assist your watch’s integrity in case you can’t avoid going deep. You may go down till near about 1000 feet. The date shows through the cut-out within the 6’o clock sub-dial.

Other Omega Seamaster watches alike, the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch too comes with quite a few technological advancements, ideally crafted for excellence in the seafaring arena. The crown is one; the Seamaster Regatta conforms to the screw-in guidelines and stays watertight even under huge pressures. Together with the helium valve, it enables safe wearing in professional pressure chambers. The helium-escape valve efficiently siphons off helium before it can create any damage.

It’s an automatic Omega Co-Axial Caliber 3330 column-wheel chronograph movement with a free sprung-balance inside. Omega Watches Men equipped the 3330 with a Si14 silicon balance-spring this time. They also hiked the power reserve to 52 hours, on a fully wound mainspring. Before you wear it for the first time, wind it up full for once. You should do that again if you ever keep it off-wrist for more than 48 hours. The co-axial escapement is a part of it. It’s based on the Longines L688, which again is based on the ETA A08.L01.

The Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch is precise in its functions and solid in its build. Credits also go to the domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal (with dual-side anti-reflective treatment) for contributing to the overall toughness of the watch.

Bottom line: The Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Automatic Men’s Watch is a dazzling mix of black and yellow and stands out as a piece that’s somewhere between unattractively dark and ludicrously bright. Powered by an Omega Co-Axial calibre 3330, officially certified chronometer automatic movement, this phenomenal watch is the choice for many of the world’s greatest sailors.