Skagen Melbye Titanium Case with Mesh Band SKW6007 Mens Watch


Skagen Mens WatchSkagen has a flair for streamlined, high-end designs, which they prove again through the Melbye Titanium case steel mesh watch. Its clean strokes and the brightly coloured inner numerals ring are unique and make it fit for both work and weekend.

The use of Titanium makes the Skagen Melbye both lightweight and strong and gives it a timeless finish. The Danish watchmakers brought in new evolutions in traditional designs; it’s their philosophy of excellence that fuelled the creation of this simplistic beauty, rather than re-packaging usual sporty styles within sophisticated silhouettes. The whole effort came out as a striking design, with inspirations coming from the dress-sports line of thoughts.

The Skagen Melbye Titanium Case with Mesh Band SKW6007 Mens Watch so far, is one of the masterpieces the brand came up with; blending a sporty feel to dressy elements and catchy colours, the neat outcome is a product that’s not age or occasion specific but an all time, all-round wear.

Its prominent features include a round titanium body that flows into somewhat square-ish extensions at the poles (12 & 6) to connect with the mesh band. The titanium is an apt choice in this regard, for it is virtually scratchproof and a fifth of the weight of steel of a similar mass. This makes it an ideal accessory both for work and play and for people with highly sensitive skin. Titanium is the most bio-friendly metal available and is also the most hypo-allergenic.

The next is an easily viewable day and date window. Positioned at three o’clock, it’s in high contrast with the grey dial. Running on analog quartz technology, it is accurate to the point and doesn’t need any user input unlike mechanical watches that must be worn or wound to keep them running. In this case, just a battery replacement every few years would suffice and there stays no such hassles like servicing that are required. The orange ring on the dial brings up a much needed break from the monotony of uniform grey and adds to the watch a vibrancy that pushes it into the sports category.

Atop the dial is a mineral crystal that’s as durable as the Skagen Denmark Watch itself; it ensures you don’t damage the watch if you accidentally bump your wrist against hard surfaces. It is also very hard to scratch, which means, your watch will keep looking like new even after years.

Along with all those there is a 5 meters water resistance that allows you to swim and shower without taking it off your wrist and thereby, cutting the risks of losing it altogether.

The Skagen Gitte Watch is for the person who likes the outdoors but not at the cost of curbed-down sophistication. It’s a wonderful example of simple Danish design, made from the most durable and bio-friendly of all materials. Built to stand the test of time, the ultra-lightweight Skagen Titanium Watch brings out your sporty spirit within no time.


Bulova Precisionist Chronograph 300M 98B227 Mens Watch

Bulova Automatic WatchesThe Bulova Precisionist is a growing range of watches with a very unique character assigned to each of them. The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph 300M 98B227 Mens Watch is a piece that proves itself to the wearer; it’s capable aand accurate and at a price point way lower than its mechanical brethren. It’s quartz no doubt, but with a mechanical appearance i.e. it has a sweeping seconds-hand rather than a ticking one. It is capable of doing that mechanical watches are simply incapable of. The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph 300M 98B227 Mens Watch has a precision that even other quartz watches can’t match!

Bulova incorporates a three-prong Buy Bulova Watches crystal instead of the general two-pronged one that vibrates at 262,144 times every second. It’s more than just an impressive number; the eight times higher frequency than normal quartz translates to greater accuracy, which is +/- 10 seconds per year, or + 1 second a month, as opposed to average quartz movements fluctuating +15 seconds a month. This accuracy applies even to its chronograph functions, which is 1/1000th of a second!

It’s the marvel of the custom-engineered torsional resonator that makes the three-prong quartz crystal vibrate at that high a frequency, making it thrice as accurate as the rest of the quartz watches. The floating second hand offers resistance to gravitational error, which is another factor that adds to its superior performance.

Apart from these technical factors, the Cheap Bulova Watches also stands out for its exceptional design and style. Its case is pure stainless steel that’s adorned with black ion-plated accents. Its mineral crystal as well as the calendar window are curved rather than flat and that enhances its looks greatly. There is black carbon fiber forming multiple layers while the grey and silver dial adds sumptuously to its visual appeal. The continuously sweeping second hand is a red one, which adds to its prominence and helps it deliver a better visual impact. The hour and minute hands and markers are generously lumed while the screw-back case and screw-down crown resemble those that are at much higher price points. The clasp is a double-press, fold-over one with a safety lock to ensure you don’t lose it while you are hard at play, even at a depth of 300 meters.

The Bulova Watches Online is for you if you value the highest levels of precision in anything you do. Just wearing it for fashion is not going to do it justice. But then again, with this level of accuracy, it’s bound to grow on your senses and turn you into a person who values spot-on accuracy, come what may, whenever and at whatever your business demands.

Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch

Guess Womens WatchesGuess Watches are known for their lifestyle-driven fashion. The same reflects from their timekeeping accessories and the Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch is also no exception. Their focus and constant attention to offer the mass with new ideas and cutting-edge design is a big factor that keeps the brand relevant to the modern trends.

Guess watches are loved all over the world due to many a reasons, the first of which is definitely because they are affordable. Next, they are about excellent timekeeping. And then follows their overall sense of the global fashion circuits shaping their product line, as a result of which, every timepiece offers a cutting-edge design reflecting a remarkable quality. The Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch is also such a product – nice looking, highly functional, solidly built and very much affordable.

The Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch translates to reliable timekeeping and that’s not just the regular one. Even the chronograph function is precise and built to run consuming less power, so the battery shall last longer than most of the others and keep you worry-free about regular replacements.

The Guess Watches for Men shines with its style. Being a global fashion leader, it’s no surprise they’ll come up with something so understated yet so attractive. This is not the type you’d wear to a party or to your workplace; this is the kind you’d sport all over the weekend, no matter what your plans are. Call it a daily casual style that doubles up as a show-stopping evening wear, if you know how to pair it up. It is for them who are into an active lifestyle. It’s big, but not blingy; bit classy and not just fits your expectations but goes much beyond. It’s sexy and bold at the same time.

The Online Guess Watches offers the sparkle in a different way, it’s the glimmer from the coloured crystals embedded on the bezel. This further heightens the scopes for pairing this timepiece with your favourite clothing, which is guaranteed to bring you a head-to-toe polished look. It’s the fashion-forward style of the Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch that makes it unquestionably a timeless accessory without stealing its sportiness or the showstopper quality.

So upgrade to a new level of style and sophistication, this elegant Guess watch brings you the chance! Boast its stunning 40mm size just in any situation and for any affair. A fatal combination of stylish looks and maximum functionality, the Mens Guess Watch brings to you the sleekness you wanted in subtlety but without missing on an unmistakable, unmatched sense of luxury.

Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear AMW-710-1AVDF AMW-710-1AV Mens Watch

Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear Mens WatchThose caught in an eternal debate of whether form, style and functions can unite without shooting the prices up atrociously must have a look at the Casio Marine Gear AMW 710 1AV Men’s Digital Analog Sports Watch. It is a fine example of all three going hand in hand, especially to them who die by the analog/digital format. For, in the Casio Marine Gear watch, the digital features blend effortlessly into the analog setting.

The prime functional strength of the Marine Gear AMW 710 1AV is its 1/100th second chronograph – well, stopwatch – as some digital aficionados would like to say. It measures time for a total duration of 24 hours (23:59’59.99), including elapsed time, two different ones, at a time, which is a great aid to the athletic and usual crowd both. Whether you are working out, jogging, swimming or racing and maybe even cooking, roasting or baking, it helps you get your things done to the exact span required for a flawless outcome. You also get split time that helps you keep track of different events one after another without requiring starting the process all over again.

On the durability side, stainless steel (case), aluminium (bezel) and resin (strap and buckle) play a wonderful symphony. Three levels of toughness ensure complete safety during rigorous activities. The combo looks trendy though addressing ingredients that are quite polar opposites.

Its usefulness, apart from the chrono- sorry, stopwatch, comes from the other functions which makes it fairly a loaded piece. The moon-phase indicator with tide graph earned it the designation of Casio Protrek Digital. Unless a watch can predict these two things precisely, it doesn’t qualify as a marine watch, even if you can take it thousands deep. Sailing the watercourses require the tide graph more than anything and tides, related to the phase of the moon, can let you take the strides or break your every effort. You want to return to the shore empty handed or with a big catch? The Casio Baby G can be a big determinant!

Next, it is the 12/24 hour format. You don’t need this in a casual day to day life unless you have a fascination for it, but in the real action world, things don’t go the 12-hour way. There, you need to denote the PM hours exactly as they read. Together with multi-alarms, hourly time signals and a full Auto-Calendar till 2099, you got one of the best tools for the trades on your wrist!

Oh, we went knee deep into technicalities; let’s see how it fares on the fashion road. Impressively dazzling, the Casio Chronograph Edifice catches eyes with its vibrant orange, steel and black; it gives the watch a peppy look but without going overboard. The colour combo radiates a sportive aura and adds the tough look. It’s more like a gentleman who knows when to be tough and not a thug who always looks tough.

Seiko Solar Mens Scuba Divers Sports Watch SNE107P1


Seiko Solar Mens WatchProfessional diving embraces quartz models due to one reason: They are way lighter than their mechanical counterparts. Formerly, when quartz translated to batteries, wearing a quartz watch underwater spelt some amount of trouble; you never knew if the battery is gonna conk on the way. With solar quartzes making into the scene, the fear has been taken care of. They are slim pickings and some are pretty interesting, like the Seiko Velatura .

This is the perfect pick for them looking for a traditional case shape with something with a 3o’clock crown and a price that doesn’t choke you senseless. That way, the Seiko SNE107 is a safe spin.

The Seiko SNE107 is one of the 2011 solar lines of watches that Seiko released. It’s a surprise how Seiko managed to outline its specs according to ISO6425 certification at this price, but there’s no denying a divers watch only gets better with it. It also shows the manufacturer’s commitment towards the type, something which most do not exercise in their budget and entry-level models.

With Seiko Flightmaster, it is surprising that they invest extra expenses for everything they consider necessary for a watch that’s made for a particular job. The Diver’s text on the dial is therefore, not just for show. Even the good-sized fluted crown announces its true Diver heritage.

But! This is not the type of watch that you either love or hate. You have to give it time to grow on you; maybe, a month or two. The stock bracelet is a great-looking one; however, if you really want to use it for underwater purposes, replace it with an aftermarket NATO or natural rubber strap. It has on advantage: Silicone-like flexibility with the durability of resin! The drilled lug holes make strap changing a breeze.

The size of the watch is another sensible aspect of it. At 42mm, it is neither small for big wrists, nor big for thinner wrists. The size simply imparts an elegance that complements the case size. All those are collectively termed as the Seiko Divers, well-programmed into the overall design of the SNE107P1, including the lume and the dark, charcoal-coloured dial. Try it under all kinds of lights; you can never spot the solar panel underneath. A pleasant surprise that comes with the SME107P1 is the blue SAT and red SUN peeping from under the DAY window, but this isn’t good for them with a weak eyesight.

But all in all, the SNE107 is recommended. Not the kind that you’ll pass down to your next generation as an heirloom, but definitely the one you’ll give your next generation when they want to get serious with some or other form of the water sports. Till then, have a great deal of fun wearing it.


Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK649K1 SNK649K Mens Watch

Seiko 5 Automatic WatchThe value of a good watch depends on multiple factors. From the comfort of wearing it to its flawless performance and lasting; in simple words, it should be a watch that you’ll feel confident to wear. Or placed in a slightly different manner, it must be able to ENDURE.

From all those aspects, the Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK649K1 SNK649K Mens Watch becomes your default, go-to watch; the kind you take off and throw on the table before rolling off in your shack at the end of a hard day or grab it on the go before jump starting a hectic, busy day. You do not want any frills or flashiness to come in between at that time; the top performer in your firm doesn’t necessarily have to be an absolute Adonis! He must be strong, able to take hardships, should never complaint and still stay productive without failing for a single day. The Seiko Velatura 21 Jewels SNK649K1 SNK649K Mens Watch is just that; its 7S26C, 21 jewel automatic movement and 99 feet water resistance being the primary driving forces behind. It’s a mainstream automatic movement currently in its 19th year of production and its Magic Lever (bi-directional winding) makes up for its lack of manual winding. Dedicated winding bridges are not half as efficient; with aid from the brass bushing (at one end) and a rachet wheel (on the other) and two extra jewels than its predecessor 7002 series calibre support, its third and escape wheels.

The Seiko Sportura is an expression of a no-nonsense, serious and dedicated corporate style that carries a lot of weight. Its looks are timeless and go for anything between strictly formals and power dressing; so either way, whatever may be the dress code, you save money with buying just one watch. Functional, yet it manages to be fashionable and versatile.

Many of you must be asking by now if this is the best watch or, if it is the best model that Seiko makes at this price point? Is it the most accurate?

To put it simply: YES and NO!

It all depends if you are looking at it from the viewpoints given above and the purposes the Seiko Premier Automatic has been designed for. If you are looking for a solid, hard as a rock and reliable (in its every sense) timepiece to get your job done that doesn’t cost you your two front teeth or your right eye, then this has got to be it! You may even call it a tool watch for its fit to be taken to the field despite its so domestic looks. Throw it around on gravels and in mud and sand; you do not have to worry about it getting bumped and bruised.

Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear AMW-710D-1AVDF AMW-710D-1AV Mens Watch

Casio Analog Mens WatchBeing trendy and functional at the same time is not quite addressing polar opposites as some might think; looking at the Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear AMW 710D 1AV rests all those doubts and worries. It comes loaded as far as useful features and functions are concerned. To start with, there’s a moon phase indicator along with a tide graph, which earned it the designation of the Marine Gear. Without a precise prediction of these two, no watch is worth taking to the seas. Telling precisely about the ocean tides according to the phase of the moon is a move that can make or break your strides in oceans and also determines if you’ll return to the shore empty handed or with a big catch!

The 12/24 hour format is not so important to the common man unless he’s used to stay in complete darkness; neither the 1/100 second stopwatch. But well, they can mean real fun, provided you know how to use them. It can measure two different elapsed times at once, along with split time. If you are into swimming or running or jogging, this can become your most useful tool. Its compact dimensions and less than 149g weight is an added advantage; it will never restrict your free movements.

Keeping the technicalities aside, let’s focus on its aesthetics. The Casio Chronograph Alarm Gear AMW 710D 1AV Marine Gear is an impressively dazzling watch; credits go to its metallic design which, to say the least, is an eye catching one. Radiating a sportive aura through its black/orange combination, it’s also built tough to resist and swallow a lot of abuse in the field; its scratch-resistant mineral glass, an aluminium bezel and premium quality stainless steel construction (for the case and the band) responsible.

There are some who expect a high-end watch to run on solar power and hence, might shun the Casio Analog AMW 710D 1AV for this. But the catch here is: It also shoots the price up by several notches and when there stays a hefty price factor attached, you don’t feel like putting the watch into harsh usage. That takes away the utility part and you must now realise that the Casio Chronograph Edifice is not a mere showpiece or a fashion accessory. Agreed it’s more than enough to fire up the fashion ramps, but that’s not what it’s meant for exactly. None would possibly throw in such useful functions as the Multi-Function Alarms, the Hourly Time Signals and a Full Auto-Calendar (set to run till 2099) just to show people how tech savvy you are. However, panic not, even with the functions used full tilt, your Marine Gear won’t need a change of batteries for at least five years.

Grand Seiko Automatic 72 Hours SBGR071 Mens Watch

Grand Seiko Automatic 72 Hours SBGR071 Mens WatchLet’s say first that a Grand Seiko is not for them who want to change their watches every couple of years or so. While that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to go for another piece that you might come across and like; it’s just to say it’s not a use-and-throw piece. Even if you are capable of burning a few thousand dollars just because you want fireworks and you are too lazy to go down the road to the firecracker shop.

Guess you got the idea. So the Grand Seiko is a watch that you buy to cover a lifetime and oftentimes, longer. Such is its reliability and durability. And how much ever surprising it may sound, the GS exceeds the Suisse chronometer standards by several notches; it’s the Grand Seiko precision and reliability standards! No doubt it was a substantial challenge but Seiko’s answer to it proved one thing: the Grand Seiko standard evolved (and is evolving) rapidly, its spirit kept intact and bettered with time. Simple, exacting ideals and that’s the strength of Grand Seiko for a little more than half a century. Our firmest belief it will be so for the following five decades or more.

It’s just Seiko’s focus on the pure essentials of watch making that show through the Grand Seiko watches, so it goes without saying the Seiko Prospex Watches shall also exhibit nothing less than what to be expected out of another GS. An ultimate, functional watch with the highest degrees of accuracy and reliability, the SBGR071 offers a very high degree of legibility added with extra levels of added wearing comfort. But that’s what a luxury watch is supposed to be and the Seiko Chronograph Perpetual fills into the category in every aspect of it. The restrained appearance, without any unnecessary elaboration, undue decoration and flashy frills makes it a pure and simple, thinking man’s watch, taken to perhaps one of the highest levels of art over the past fifty years, by a team dedicated to perfect deceivingly simplistic design touches, light years away from being garish or gaudy. The trend continues today as well, though the times changed and Seiko Kinetic Chronograph -making expertise and technology evolved rapidly as well as its spirit and essence. With its roots based firmly on its 50 year old history (which includes Grand Seiko’s entry level 9S65 movement), the Grand Seiko stands on its simple, exacting ideals and shall continue being so for the next fifty years to come and perhaps, for many more years beyond.

There are many people who handed down basic Swiss watches as family heirlooms, but you have a different choice now – a HIGH-END Jap that beats Suisse any day in all the aspects!

Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Champagne Dial Crystals MK6094 Womens Watch

Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Champagne Dial Crystals Womens WatchConsider the Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Champagne Dial with crystal settings a modern rendition of a classic styling. The full range of features leaves nothing more to be desired, which also makes the MK 6094 a perfect watch for just any ensemble. Strictly business formals or a cocktail and dinner; elegant evening gowns or your little black dress – anytime of the day, evening or night – it’s going to accompany you wherever you might want to take it along.

Its stylish, rose-gold tinted stainless steel band preserves the continuity of the chic, rose-gold toned dial, resulting in a smooth transition from the watch-body to the bracelet, imparting impeccable smoothness to the eyes. With a reliable, Japanese, quartz movement housed within, there’s a durable mineral crystal that adds to its overall sturdiness. Much like the modern woman of substance, it’s delicate and lithesome from the outside while tough as a rock from the inside. That makes it quite a fascinating piece, offering plenty of interest within the stylistic parameters.

Coming to the Womens Michael Kors Watches, it keeps away from looking old or stuffy; in fact, the layout imparts a classy appearance that’s far from boring. The gold-tinted hands and markers reflect even the slightest speck of light, which means, even under a low-light condition, you can read the time accurately. Being water resistant to a hundred meters (330 feet), it is more than secured for a frolic in the water park and don’t be afraid of knocks of bumps while doing so. The Michael Kors Designer Watches has been built to take more than that. It’s never going to miss a beat!

However, keeping aside all technicalities, this is a women’s timepiece that’s great for even very formal occasions. Credits go to its crystal settings around the bezel, imparting the Blair an undeniably feminine appeal that strikes and marvels even the most fussy and discriminating buyers. It wins right away for its classic shape, which you might call timeless but in reality, much more than that. The pave accents magnify the brightness many times, adding the much needed dazzle to brighten up even the weary Monday mornings. It shines you up instantly, its embellishments imbuing tons of glam in a jiffy. That makes for some serious sparkle for an everyday life! That makes it a very much desired fashion accessory to every woman of style. In short, it is visually striking, beautiful to wear and an efficient and versatile timepiece to rely upon.

Look no further if making a style statement is what you always want and wanted, the Michael Kors Watches Online are here to take your dressing up to the next level of unprecedented glam!

Casio analog digital Sports Runner Lap Memory WS-300-1BV Mens watch

Casio Analog Digital Sports Runner Lap Memory WS-300-1BV Mens WatchThere are many who avoid watches for they can’t afford costly watches; neither willing to go the inexpensive side thinking of the quality. For them, the Casio WS300 watches are a good choice. They never need a careful handling and are built for the long, rough hauls. Everything you get with it comes neatly packed, tucked and trimmed to the point of excellence; this is the kind of watch that survives fires and falls with maybe a small scar on the face to tell the story.

The Casio Protrek Watches, for example! Those into the sports arena for 10 years or more must have spotted it right away; it brings together all elements essential to survive abusive usage, dirt and sand. An ideal mix of slim, compact dimensions and a-grade components keep things out of harm’s way. Unflinching accuracy, minimal adjustments, high legibility and automatic EL backlight illumination makes it an all-time watch and we didn’t speak about the 330 feet water resistance yet! The 10-lap memory stopwatch can be used to serve a lot of purposes (figure them out, be creative), the second time display- you can set the ana/digi times independently.

From the commercial aspect, this is a non-US version. The black WS-300-1BV is a hard to find item. It’s kind of good news that the trusty, unstoppable WS300 has returned; the bad news is, not for long.

To answer again why the Casio Edifice Solar men’s watch makes a wise choice, the first thing one should note is it’s a watch that asks nothing of the owner. It’s always there, quietly doing whatever job it has been assigned, sits super comfortable and accurate, to the mark!

For the dual-time, the crown controls the hands while the LCD-bound operations (alarm; digital DST switch; 10-hour stopwatch, 10-lap memory, the second time, hourly time signal) are button dependent. The backlit illuminator is automatic.

About using it for sports, the watch’s lap memory is a great help to anyone into any form of racing. The old race looks thus never got updated and that probably called for its discontinuation. The last few pieces are lying around and are a great way to tell Casio is not only about large digital displays and dials! It retains the full ana/digi EL from the older days of electronic watch-making and a feature that was quite sensational back then – the Casio Edifice Marine!

Suits a wide range of ages and backgrounds; from the high-school student to the pro-cyclist trying to better his timing or the outdoor hobbyists and off-road drivers competing through mud and sand. But then again, no problem even if you are working in the bar or in the lab!