Most Technologically Advanced Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph Men’s WatchThis is a two way statement. On one hand, it certifies the brand and the type as the most technologically advanced (which isn’t always the case); on the other, it points to a list of a certain type by the brand that we may agree to be the most technologically advanced. Whichever way you look at it, the following will help you pick one for which you’ll have no regret.

These are again divided into three tiers. The first one is $2000 and above (e.g. CC1054-56E and CC1075-05E; next, between $1000 and $1999 (the JW0104-51E and JW0100-51E are hot choices here) and the last one under $1000 (this is a vast arena and every watch has a story) but these are more than an average smart watch although at the same price point. With an unbeatable accuracy and features. Whether you are into flying or into two-martini lunches, you are going to find the most technologically advanced citizen chronograph watches meeting your demands.

Their journey towards modernization motivated the timekeeping society to expect more; throw challenges and Citizen came out with flying colors. They have proved getting more for a less price is highly possible, without compromising on materials and/or built. Some of their timekeeping arts are quite peculiar if compared to standard watch models; it shows innovative technology and stylish designs can blend well together.

But what’s there exactly to call certain Citizen chronographs as the most technologically advanced? Let’s see:

• Eco-Drive: This is obviously a no-brainer; Eco-Drive and Citizen has become synonymous nowadays. In plain English, the watch makes its own food…sorry, power – from the ambient light around it. So be it a flicker from the candle, cold neon or the warm sun; there’s no stopping in its power conversion. But it’s always better to rest a machine sometimes; which you will give it anyway every night when you turn the lights off. Free from the fear of a burnout?

• Radio Control: Citizen creates the ultimate companion for the man who likes going places. If you are into city or maybe even continent-hopping, these next generation timepiece technology is going to blow your hats off! The mechanism within automatically receives standard-time radio waves (from Japan, USA, Germany and China) that correct the time automatically according to the region you are in. Those with world time function like the AT8020-03L and the Citizen chronograph eco drive and though not a chronograph, the BL8001-58L/BL8000-54L will be the ultimate companion for the frequent flyer.

• Perpetual calender: This frees you from the embarrassment of taking a glance to the watch and telling the wrong day/date. This fully automatic calendar adjusts at the end of eevery month, even leap years and they are programmed to do it till February 28, 2100.

• Water resistance: Yes, let’s talk about the Promaster Depth Meter or the Promaster Aqualand now! Anybody into water sports shall find these unputdownable, whether on land or under the water. You can stay worry-free till 200m.

The greatest of all? Perhaps the Citizen eco drive if you want the most technologically advanced Citizen chronograph without burning a hole in your pocket.

Luminous Fill & Robustness Of Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph AN8055-06E Men’s WatchFrom the Citizen watch cabinet comes a good selection of watches that come handy in air, ocean and on land and while most of you’ll shout “Promaster!”, old-timers shall probably nod and say – “Tsk! Tsk!” and show you a Blue Angel model. Not that Promaster has it all bad – in fact, they are often brighter than the Blue Angel but well, we all have soft corners.

All of them are more or less hefty, has every function a man could ever dream of and more than anything, a pleasing design…but if you are just a casual wearer satisfied with just multiple dials and hands and perhaps a LCD to go with it, chances are that you almost always overlook the lume. A PRO-s life (or honor) oftentimes depends on it, so just a multi-functional, upmarket look is not quite enough. If reading the time gets difficult, your watch just becomes a toy.

It’s needless to say all the Citizens have great lume and Diver Citizens, even greater! They are not the type that glows like a flame, but the moderate glow lasts for long. As a pro, what would you want – a blinding glow for a few hours or a decent glow that lasts all night long?

For the second case, Citizen lume is very capable. Once charged, the lumed faces of Citizen chronographs and other tool-type Citizen watches work great compared to any other watches in the similar price range. It is also much different from the usual green; this one is a nice, rich-blue hue in most of the cases; for other color (green), there is the Citizen Skyhawk. It’s definitely a welcome change; also in its capability to get charged up fast. For every half an hour, you need to feed it light for 2 minutes. So figure it out yourself how many minutes you need to charge it to last all night long.

However, if it’s a Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Depth Meter chronograph or a Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver, the max you will need is for about an hour or a little more, for which you got nothing to worry about.

Another aspect of a Citizen chronograph that runs parallel to its lume’s tenacity is its robustness; in this case, nothing perhaps compares to the Citizen Attesa Atomic. Its looks tell you it has been given an extra element of robustness that sets it apart from other rough and tough watches. Next in line is the Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar, its black PVD coating and a stylishly busy face giving it a prime position among the other robust Womens citizen watches from Citizen.

So what it all boils down to? Robustness is not a single thing but a combination of two or more factors, one of which is the lume Unless that’s robust too, there shall be a decline in the overall robustness of the Citizen perpetual chronograph watches.

Extremely Impressive Functionality Of Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph WatchesIt’s often said that Citizen Chronograph watches make for the perfect gifts. There are reasons behind and unless you are really blind, you can see them right away. To be well worth one’s money, a thing needs to be something and here’s why they qualify as products that are highly sought after. But one thing: It’s impossible to cover the entire Citizen inventory in a few words, so we will take a look at some of the most impressive features and functionalities, which are enough to make any gadget freak go gaga for quite some time, if not forever.

Firstly, they are powered by light energy. Citizen calls it Eco-Drive and trying to sweeten it any further will be painting the lily. As long as you feed it with light, you don’t have to worry about power draining and your watch stopping when it is required the most. Considering the power guzzling nature of chronographs, Eco-Drive comes as a boon.

Next, it’s about accuracy and precise time measurement. Citizen Eco-Drive chronographs are extremely (and exceptionally) accurate, some of them even featuring radio-control (or, atomic) timekeeping. They adjust automatically to the radio signals given off by atomic clocks (Citizen has 5 of them in five different locations around the world; namely North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and China); however, you may also sync it on-demand as many times you want.

Another big point about Citizen watches eco drive is quite a few of them come with a perpetual calendar and alarms. Together with the radio-controlled timekeeping feature, they ensure you don’t need to keep track of the 31st day of the month or leap years, which means, whether it will be March 1st after the 28th or the 29th day of February is no more going to be a concern. The watches are intelligent enough to work that out on their own by reading the signals from the atomic clocks. And that applies not only for your local time zone but for as many as 29 time zones all around the world. Set the mode, select the zone and there you go!

For those who don’t have time to go through extensive descriptions, following are a few points that shall help to understand the functionalities of a Mens citizen eco drive watch better.

* A-T: Denotes the watch is radio-controlled (atomic timekeeping).

* World Time: For 26, 29 or 39 World Cities.

* Stopwatch: 1 second to 1/20 Second chronograph, measuring up to 60 Minutes.

* Perpetual Calendar: No need to manually adjust the 31st day; not even leap years.

* Am/PM Indicator: Let’s you tell time in 12/24 Hour format.

* Power Reserve Indicator:Once you are reaching rock bottom, the seconds-hand moves once every two seconds.

Water Resistance: 200 meters, to ensure you do not need to leave it home while going for some serious water sports.

Stylish Design and Desirable Features of Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph WatchesCombining a stylish design with desirable features, the Citizen watches are the perfect companion, whatever the occasion. Citizen Chronograph watches incorporate the stopwatch function with timekeeping abilities making this timepiece ideal for the sporting enthusiasts.

Newer models of the Citizen chronograph watches have desirable features – in fact, it can measure time in 1/1000th of a second and calculate lap speed. It can record 20 individual lap times and can display slowest and the fastest lap time all at the push of a button. These are certainly desirable features of Citizen Chronograph watches that a race car driver or a sprinter would appreciate.

Citizen Chronograph Watches use Citizen’s famous Eco Drive technology. These watches can recharge in a natural or artificial light source. It means you don’t have to change a battery on your Citizen Chronograph Watch ever. It also means you get an eco friendly watch that is almost maintenance free, and will last a life time.

Calculating your speed in a race to find your personal best performance is easy with one of the stylishly designed Citizen Chronograph watches equipped with a tachymeter scale. Counting the seconds or tracking minutes hours or days is as simple as looking at the date display window on the face of the Citizen Chronograph. You can set alarms as required to keep you ahead of your schedules. Luminous hands show you the time in any kind of light.

Although they are called Citizen Eco-Drive Womens Watch, the chronograph is not the only feature found in these watches. Many models also sport the perpetual calendar feature. Some Citizen Chronographs offer atomic timekeeping, meaning the watch will automatically synchronize itself with the time in the nearest atomic clock. Same goes for the day and date display. You needn’t make the adjustments manually, the watch automatically corrects itself.

Citizen is known to make some of the most accurate and functional watches. Accuracy in the Citizen Chronograph watches is a well known factor which is why many people choose to buy Citizen Watches. Prices are reasonable as compared to the functionality and features being offered. Looking at the sleek Citizen timepieces, people will think you paid much more than you actually did.

As far as looks and appearance is concerned, Citizen is known to make some of the most stylish and brilliantly designed timepieces. Citizen promaster diver watches are built to last  their quality of construction is legendary. Stainless steel material in silver or black with a touch of gold, matching steel bracelets and fold-over clasps make these watches extremely sturdy and durable. If leather is your choice, then Citizen Chronograph watches wear equally well with brown or black leather straps.

To bring home the stylish design and desirable features of Citizen Chronograph watches, you might want to visit to find a wide variety of watches in various price ranges.

Classic Designs and Advanced Technology of Citizens Promaster Watches

Citizen Chronograph WatchesEver since its launch in 1989, the Citizen Promaster Collection of watches is acknowledged for its superlative durability even in the most difficult environments and its ability to perform accurately in a wide range of sporting fields. Classic designs and advanced technology of Citizens Promaster watches is apparent in the Citizen Promaster Land Collection, The Citizen Promaster Air Collection and the Citizen Promaster Sea Collection.

Advanced Technology Using the Power of Light

Citizen is known for the “Eco Drive” technology used in its amazing timepieces. Citizen was the first to harness the power of natural or artificial light to convert it into energy to run a watch. Moreover, this technology stores enough power to ensure the functioning of the watch movement in complete darkness for almost six months. This amazing technology also gives you a maintenance free watch that does not require replacing the battery.

Classic designs of Citizens Promaster Watches

Citizen Promaster watches are also renowned for their classic designs. Over the years, the company has re-launched and renewed a number of Citizen Promaster models to make them more attractive and highly functional.

The Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph is specifically designed for deep sea diving. Apart from the hour and minute hand, this watch has a third hand meant for different functions. It serves as a dive timer, a depth gauge and battery reserve indicator. The first couple of functions are obviously diving related. While on land, the third hand of your Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph serves as an indicator for battery power reserve.

The markers and the hands on the watch face are luminescent while the case is made up of strong stainless steel. Covered with anti-reflective coated crystal, the Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph holds up well to the shock and jolts of deep sea diving.

Another latest release is the Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Satellite Wave-Air. Inspired by the beautiful appearance of the earth’s landscapes from airplanes, this futuristic Citizen womens watches is updated with the latest advanced technology and an innovative design. It has strong sensors for an electronic compass and altimeter that allows precise measurements for depth, height and direction. At the push of a button, the watch displays various measurements simultaneously along with the time.

An attractive dial design, with three transparent layers where the windows, hands and indexes are laid out separately, gives the watch a 3-dimensional appearance. The watch case is made up of titanium and the sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating is a sign of Citizen’s impeccable quality.

Classic designs combined with advanced technology make Citizen radio controlled watches superlative timepieces that are durable, functional and classy. These watches look great for all occasions and certainly attract a lot of interest wherever you go. Visit for more on Citizens Promaster watches.

Most Innovative and High Quality Citizens Promaster Watches


Citizen eco driveCitizen believes in creating watches that are not only of high quality but also exceptional in character. Combining the most innovative technology with sophisticated designs, Citizen Promaster Watches are a class apart – they include a wide range of styles that suit high achievers and sports enthusiasts equallywell. With unique functionality and precision engineering, Citizen has created the best sports technology timepiece you would find – The Citizen chronograph mens watch Collection.

Being the world leader in creating innovative and superior quality timepieces, Citizen Promaster watches cover all sporting needs. The company’s proven track record for reliability and precision is reinforced in the Promaster Citizen eco drive mens watches. Irrespective of the conditions, the tough and rugged Citizen Promaster watches are guaranteed to perform impeccably.

Citizen Promaster Watch series includes the Promaster Land Collection, the Promaster Air Collection and the Promaster Sea Collection. Each of these watch collections carry a range of models that are specifically designed for use on land, in air or for deep sea diving, giving the wearer confidence and control in the most difficult situations.

The Citizen Promaster Land Collection

The Citizen Eco-Drive Womens Watch are classy timepiece that offers the chronograph feature along with several other useful characteristics. More importantly, this watch uses Citizen’s unique and revolutionary Eco Drive technology where the watch is powered by natural or artificial light source and therefore never needs a battery change. In fact, many models of the Citizen Promaster Series use the Eco Drive technology giving you an added benefit of being ‘unstoppable’ timepieces.

The Citizen Promaster Air Collection

Combining highly innovative and intelligent technology with extraordinary engineering the Citizen Promaster Air Collection features functions that every aviation enthusiast would find useful. Take for example the Citizen watches. Apart from the usual, this watch has a slide rule rotational bezel, fuel consumption calculator, calendar functions, dual alarm and safety buckle – features suitable for pilots and flying enthusiasts. This watch not only looks great on your wrist, it gives you a sense of confidence and control whether you are on the ground or in the air.

The Citizen Promaster Sea Collection

Those who venture on deep sea dives look towards reliable equipment to support their skills and keeping this in mind, Citizen has developed a range of watches with special dive-related features.

One of the most useful dive watch found in the Promaster Sea Collection Series is the Mens citizen eco drive watch watches. It is an amazing piece of engineering where a depth meter and chronograph has been incorporated into a dive watch along with other useful features as well as the Eco Drive technology. This is a stylish but chunky watch with a stainless steel case, flat back and well-fitting strap that sits comfortably on your wrist.