Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch: Simple, Sophisticated, Precision performance

Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s WatchAny high-quality, substantial quartz-watch alike, the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch provides a relentless service and earns a few extra points on the accuracy ground. It requires very less maintenance and has a pretty long battery-life. One service every time the battery is replaced readies it for another few years of reliable timekeeping.

The Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch uses very little power for running the chronograph. It counts lapsed time accurately, without needing to worry about the battery. It goes with a wide range of styles; from rugged to formal. With casual clothes, it shines the best! It is a beautiful watch, with an in-depth beauty that starts revealing with you getting familiar to it. Its design aesthetic is sharp, with hints of classic and traditional influences amidst its textural details.

A fairly basic model, the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch has a simple dial layout with three distinct sections showing regular seconds, 24-hour timekeeping and the chronograph minutes. Its automobile-influences show, strong enough to create a blip on the radar!

Citizen by itself is popular for creating inexpensive watches built robust. They are meant for the urban citizens of the world. A true engineering spirit is seen within the company that makes 200 million watches a year and is led by engineers. Its rich engineering heritage brings their very high-precision, highly functional movements, exotic materials and advanced protective features through proprietary, interesting technologies that are fused with beauty. A certain kind of perfection attained as the consequence of following correctly and constantly all their inspirations. Its purpose of existence; therefore, is justified!

Citizen’s comprehensive manufacturing process includes making of individual components that find way into a watch’s final assembly. The thermo-compensated Miyota Caliber OS10 quartz movement the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch gets is built fully by Online Citizen Watches, from ground up. It doesn’t go beyond +20 seconds on either side. The chronograph has been intricately crafted; it’s accurate to the point! It counts up to 59 minutes with one-second increments. It is safe till 300 feet under water and its large, easy-to-read dial gives a clean view even in murky waters. The Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch is built in surgical grade stainless steel with a strong mineral crystal covering the matt black dial. It can handle very well the stress of rough sports and recreational adventures and activities.

Bottom line: The Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch gets all the love for all the right reasons. It’s something that you end up with much appreciation for everything it offers. It gives you very near-absolute kind of accuracy that’s affordable and has the right weight. When you get into quartz, this is an option that brings you some tasty, cool technology.

Unmatched quality of Citizen Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive ChronographThe ultimate and unmatched quality of Citizen Watches can be seen equally in all Citizen watches, from the very traditional to the very contemporary, out of which, some even made it to collectors! It comes from the high-end craftsmanship embodying stellar concepts in high-end materials. Not just in Eco-Drive awesome, but also in its quartz and automatic variants, down to the DCP or the Deployment Clasp! They need a firm, heavy push on the button for the clasp to open and are another example of Citizen’s quality control in making their watches.

Those not familiar with Citizen automatic watches for men, it is a technology to convert light (any light, that is) to electricity and store it as electrical charge for later use by the movement. It’s much like the concept of the rechargeable batteries only with the exception of here is no battery. The ESU (electrical storage unit) is different; they are capacitors with an almost infinite life unless your luck is really, really bad.

It’s a solar panel well hidden under the watch face that caught the light but now, many of the Eco-Drive watches have them around the dial, thus opening larger and better design possibilities. This is when metal dials were introduced and it turned up a whole new side to Eco-Drive.

The ultimate and unmatched quality of Citizen Eco drive were also present in the Eco-Drive Duo range of watches, now discontinued and is a rare gem in the Citizen arena. Here, there was no solar ray to trap; instead, it was an automatic quartz power source. Another variant to this was the Eco-Drive Thermo using temperature differences to create the charge.

The secret is creating very strong movements with a very strong body and to look pleasant along the way. Under the strict quality control, an ultimate and unmatched quality is the only way to go. Citizen movements get entirely MADE IN JAPAN, giving them an ultimate precision and reliability. For example, even the automatic MIYOTA movement used in the mechanical Citizen watches is as shock-proof as many other high-end Swiss movements. But at the same time, they are easy to repair and handle and don’t cost a fortune for an overhaul. The main plate, the train wheel bridge and all other parts (even the basic) are high-quality METAL, tempered and made superior against large, sudden shocks.

Citizen Eco-Drive Diamond Accented BM6645-53E Men’s Watch unmatched quality and ultimate design concepts show through their designing of OVERLOAD COMPENSATION DEVICEs, POWER SAVING and RESET MECHANISMs and not just Eco-Drive. However, their ultimate is perhaps the automatic time adjustment concepts; formerly, Radio Controlled Timekeeping while now, it’s the Satellite Wave. The watches synchronizes to signals from radio clocks (in Japan, North America and Europe) and from satellites orbiting the Earth, respectively. Check out for more deals on great Discount on Bulova, Seiko, Casio, and Sicura Watches Online.

Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch: Tech-trick up the sleeve


Citizen Eco-Drive ChronographFunctionalities come galore into play on the dial of the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch and that’s not just the chronograph and the perpetual calendar. Take a closer look and you will be surprised by how little info the watch name conveys while hiding all inside its little, hard underbelly. More so, for the Citizen alarm (with perpetual calendar) chronographs with atomic clock syncing and world-time functions; the only problem that you might face is deciding which of the functions to check out first. That can be a bit mind-boggling first; a friendly suggestion, start by checking out the modes.

While there will always be a chunk abhoring complex operations and are devoid of any patience (for some, it’s I.Q.), the majority prefer wearable tech-carnivals that will inspire awe, turn heads and might even start a conversation or two.

While the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch looks complex, in reality, it’s way more simple than other gargantuan tech pieces requiring cheat sheets everytime. It’s all about getting the hang through intuitive selections; but then again, the subdials clearly indicate what you’re trying to do and leaves very little to guesswork.

As for the solar-powered side to the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Perpetual Calendar, it’s a great piece of tech that grants you peace of mind. No abrupt running-down of battery power; no breakage of factory seal – well, isn’t that you always wanted to see in a watch? The Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Depth Meter Watch brings you the chance of owning a piece of marvel that requires no maintenance apart from periodic exposure to natural or artificial light sources. That much done and you will have stories to tell about your watch for many years to come, with live demonstrations.

Coming to the perpetual calendar, it is a most useful and to a certain extent – a romantic complication that needs adjustment just once a century. That means no more the pesky job of adjusting the odd months and leap years. The calendar comes inegrated with the chronograph, alarm and a second timezone and the whole getup comes up glossy. Citizen’s decorative effects take away the tool part from the watch’s style and imparts it a more high-end look.

Now, nobody is telling you that the Citizen Eco Promaster Divers is the most innovative timepiece under the Sun, but the alarm chronograph/Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive collection is the max a low price can offer with a good value. No wonder they sell. If you ever wanted a watch that sits well as a daily wear with a lot of useful features that also qualify as pure fun in your leisure, there is no better choice than the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch.


Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Men-s Watches

Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Depth MeterThe Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver men’s watches are a standing proof that dive watches can be both fun-wear and useful and functional when need be. They are ISO-certified, so the last thing you need to worry about them is giving away when they are needed the most. Extremely impressive aesthetically, the solid proportions bring the Eco-Drive Promaster Diver watches a definitely imposing presence.

Fueled by light, it ensures the caseback never leaves it place in its lifetime. That way, the factory seal remains intact and so does your watch; this helps not to compromise when you are dive again. Its sporty silhouette garners some serious attention, especially now when they are dressed up in even nicer suits. The fresh, upgraded skins covering an existing movement, it makes the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver watches one of the most useful timepieces, under the water or above it. Designed to fulfil a purpose first and everything else after that, its the features of the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver that are considered more important than the aesthetics.

At the same time, the Promaster Diver watches are very durable. Not just the toughness of the cases but even its hardened mineral crystals. Most in the series are water-resistant up to 984 feet / 300 meters, so go swimming, diving, snorkeling or just wear them in the shower, you’ll no more feel troubled on water spoiling your prized piece.

However, the coolest feature for the Promaster Diver stays its light-powered movement; even if you are under water, the faint light shall keep it charging; enough to sustain throughout the dive even if it was runing low on charge.

With all that said, the Promaster Diver are exceptionally stylish watches that will fit any occasion; the fancier, the better. The added durability makes sure it doesn’t get into your way of fun and frolic and keeps looking attractive and fantastic through the years.

One feature that you don’t get too often in this price range is the Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Depth Meter screw-down crown. Contrary to many, the crowns are not excessively large, so there’s less chance it will prove a hindrance under the sleeves. Also, there’s less chance underwater to knock your watch and see the crown coming off all in a sudden. No doubt large crown look awesome, but when practicality is concerned, very large crowns can spell potential design flaws.

To end, the Citizen Aqualand Promaster Diver Watch are a solidly built series of watches that are made not just for the waters but also for the fun times above it. They are extraordinarily functional, well-crafted, look terrific, very durable and come with a solid built. But the best opart is: You don’t need to be a professional diver or a dive watch enthusiast to admire and appreciate the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver.

Most Technologically Advanced Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph Men’s WatchThis is a two way statement. On one hand, it certifies the brand and the type as the most technologically advanced (which isn’t always the case); on the other, it points to a list of a certain type by the brand that we may agree to be the most technologically advanced. Whichever way you look at it, the following will help you pick one for which you’ll have no regret.

These are again divided into three tiers. The first one is $2000 and above (e.g. CC1054-56E and CC1075-05E; next, between $1000 and $1999 (the JW0104-51E and JW0100-51E are hot choices here) and the last one under $1000 (this is a vast arena and every watch has a story) but these are more than an average smart watch although at the same price point. With an unbeatable accuracy and features. Whether you are into flying or into two-martini lunches, you are going to find the most technologically advanced citizen chronograph watches meeting your demands.

Their journey towards modernization motivated the timekeeping society to expect more; throw challenges and Citizen came out with flying colors. They have proved getting more for a less price is highly possible, without compromising on materials and/or built. Some of their timekeeping arts are quite peculiar if compared to standard watch models; it shows innovative technology and stylish designs can blend well together.

But what’s there exactly to call certain Citizen chronographs as the most technologically advanced? Let’s see:

• Eco-Drive: This is obviously a no-brainer; Eco-Drive and Citizen has become synonymous nowadays. In plain English, the watch makes its own food…sorry, power – from the ambient light around it. So be it a flicker from the candle, cold neon or the warm sun; there’s no stopping in its power conversion. But it’s always better to rest a machine sometimes; which you will give it anyway every night when you turn the lights off. Free from the fear of a burnout?

• Radio Control: Citizen creates the ultimate companion for the man who likes going places. If you are into city or maybe even continent-hopping, these next generation timepiece technology is going to blow your hats off! The mechanism within automatically receives standard-time radio waves (from Japan, USA, Germany and China) that correct the time automatically according to the region you are in. Those with world time function like the AT8020-03L and the Citizen chronograph eco drive and though not a chronograph, the BL8001-58L/BL8000-54L will be the ultimate companion for the frequent flyer.

• Perpetual calender: This frees you from the embarrassment of taking a glance to the watch and telling the wrong day/date. This fully automatic calendar adjusts at the end of eevery month, even leap years and they are programmed to do it till February 28, 2100.

• Water resistance: Yes, let’s talk about the Promaster Depth Meter or the Promaster Aqualand now! Anybody into water sports shall find these unputdownable, whether on land or under the water. You can stay worry-free till 200m.

The greatest of all? Perhaps the Citizen eco drive if you want the most technologically advanced Citizen chronograph without burning a hole in your pocket.

Luminous Fill & Robustness Of Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph AN8055-06E Men’s WatchFrom the Citizen watch cabinet comes a good selection of watches that come handy in air, ocean and on land and while most of you’ll shout “Promaster!”, old-timers shall probably nod and say – “Tsk! Tsk!” and show you a Blue Angel model. Not that Promaster has it all bad – in fact, they are often brighter than the Blue Angel but well, we all have soft corners.

All of them are more or less hefty, has every function a man could ever dream of and more than anything, a pleasing design…but if you are just a casual wearer satisfied with just multiple dials and hands and perhaps a LCD to go with it, chances are that you almost always overlook the lume. A PRO-s life (or honor) oftentimes depends on it, so just a multi-functional, upmarket look is not quite enough. If reading the time gets difficult, your watch just becomes a toy.

It’s needless to say all the Citizens have great lume and Diver Citizens, even greater! They are not the type that glows like a flame, but the moderate glow lasts for long. As a pro, what would you want – a blinding glow for a few hours or a decent glow that lasts all night long?

For the second case, Citizen lume is very capable. Once charged, the lumed faces of Citizen chronographs and other tool-type Citizen watches work great compared to any other watches in the similar price range. It is also much different from the usual green; this one is a nice, rich-blue hue in most of the cases; for other color (green), there is the Citizen Skyhawk. It’s definitely a welcome change; also in its capability to get charged up fast. For every half an hour, you need to feed it light for 2 minutes. So figure it out yourself how many minutes you need to charge it to last all night long.

However, if it’s a Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Depth Meter chronograph or a Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver, the max you will need is for about an hour or a little more, for which you got nothing to worry about.

Another aspect of a Citizen chronograph that runs parallel to its lume’s tenacity is its robustness; in this case, nothing perhaps compares to the Citizen Attesa Atomic. Its looks tell you it has been given an extra element of robustness that sets it apart from other rough and tough watches. Next in line is the Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar, its black PVD coating and a stylishly busy face giving it a prime position among the other robust Womens citizen watches from Citizen.

So what it all boils down to? Robustness is not a single thing but a combination of two or more factors, one of which is the lume Unless that’s robust too, there shall be a decline in the overall robustness of the Citizen perpetual chronograph watches.

Classic Designs and Advanced Technology of Citizens Promaster Watches

Citizen Chronograph WatchesEver since its launch in 1989, the Citizen Promaster Collection of watches is acknowledged for its superlative durability even in the most difficult environments and its ability to perform accurately in a wide range of sporting fields. Classic designs and advanced technology of Citizens Promaster watches is apparent in the Citizen Promaster Land Collection, The Citizen Promaster Air Collection and the Citizen Promaster Sea Collection.

Advanced Technology Using the Power of Light

Citizen is known for the “Eco Drive” technology used in its amazing timepieces. Citizen was the first to harness the power of natural or artificial light to convert it into energy to run a watch. Moreover, this technology stores enough power to ensure the functioning of the watch movement in complete darkness for almost six months. This amazing technology also gives you a maintenance free watch that does not require replacing the battery.

Classic designs of Citizens Promaster Watches

Citizen Promaster watches are also renowned for their classic designs. Over the years, the company has re-launched and renewed a number of Citizen Promaster models to make them more attractive and highly functional.

The Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph is specifically designed for deep sea diving. Apart from the hour and minute hand, this watch has a third hand meant for different functions. It serves as a dive timer, a depth gauge and battery reserve indicator. The first couple of functions are obviously diving related. While on land, the third hand of your Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph serves as an indicator for battery power reserve.

The markers and the hands on the watch face are luminescent while the case is made up of strong stainless steel. Covered with anti-reflective coated crystal, the Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph holds up well to the shock and jolts of deep sea diving.

Another latest release is the Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Satellite Wave-Air. Inspired by the beautiful appearance of the earth’s landscapes from airplanes, this futuristic Citizen womens watches is updated with the latest advanced technology and an innovative design. It has strong sensors for an electronic compass and altimeter that allows precise measurements for depth, height and direction. At the push of a button, the watch displays various measurements simultaneously along with the time.

An attractive dial design, with three transparent layers where the windows, hands and indexes are laid out separately, gives the watch a 3-dimensional appearance. The watch case is made up of titanium and the sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating is a sign of Citizen’s impeccable quality.

Classic designs combined with advanced technology make Citizen radio controlled watches superlative timepieces that are durable, functional and classy. These watches look great for all occasions and certainly attract a lot of interest wherever you go. Visit for more on Citizens Promaster watches.

Extremely Durable and Revolutionary Citizen Eco Drive Watches

Eco-Drive WatchesCitizen Eco Drive watches are without doubt finely crafted timepieces that are extremely durable and accurate. Citizen Watch Company is well known for its revolutionary ‘Eco Drive’ technology where natural light is used to charge the battery that powers your watch. It means you never have to replace your Citizen Eco Drive watch battery ever.

For the environmentally conscious, Citizen Eco Drive watches are the way to go. And, since you don’t need to replace the watch batteries, there’s no maintenance cost, which in turn saves you money. Citizen Eco Drive watches are durable and sturdy; these are well designed, high quality watches that rarely require maintenance and are therefore easy on your pocket.

The revolutionary Eco Drive technology works in the background to keep your Citizen watch ticking away without interruption. The light is absorbed by the crystal on the dial and passed on to the solar cell in the watch to be converted into energy. The energy so generated is stored in a lithium ion rechargeable battery and used to power the watch. With continuous exposure to a light source, your Citizen Eco Drive watch constantly recharges itself to keep perfect time.

Citizen Eco Drive watches come in various styles and budgets. From dress watches to sporty timepieces to divers’ watches, you’ll find a watch that suits your taste and budget. Citizen makes a range of watches for men and women. If you are looking for a watch to replace your old timepiece, there’s no better option than Citizen. Citizen watches eco drive watches make excellent gifting ideas too.

Citizen Eco Drive watches for women are stylishly designed, stunning pieces of jewelry. Most of them feature revolutionary Citizen Eco Drive technology with elegant, classic designs that are practical and last you a lifetime. Women’s Citizen watches come in many models, some of which sport Swarovski crystals and colorful hues for the dials and bracelets. Made from stainless steel casing, Citizen Eco Drive watches for women are extremely durable as well.

Water resistance is another important feature that makes the Citizen Eco Drive watches extremely durable. All Citizen skyhawk watches watches can easily take minor splashes, but most of the models are water resistant up to 100 meters depth. Since the back of these watches is not constantly opened, the water resistant seals remain intact – another benefit of the revolutionary Citizen Eco Drive technology which improves its durability.

The latest models of the Citizen Eco Drive watches have advanced features, especially the Citizen Promaster Series that utilizes futuristic, state-of-the art technology. The advanced time keeping function is maintained by synchronizing the time with the nearest atomic clock with the help of satellite signals. In addition, these Citizen Eco Drive watches offer various features like chronograph, altimeter, barometer and thermometer all available at the push of a button.

At, you’ll find the best and the most reasonably priced Citizen Eco Drive Watches.

Widest Range of Ladies & Men’s Citizen Watches at

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Your Citizen Watch is carefully packed for shipping. The package is shipped by FedEx or DHL Express or registered mail depending on where you live. All shipping modes are safe, but in any case, the package is insured against loss or damage.

Compared to any other website selling watches, offers a wide range that you can choose from. Looking for a Citizen Automatic Watch? Two models of the Citizen Promaster Diver 21 Jewels Automatic are available at just $155. A couple of Citizen Chronograph watches for women are priced below $200, while the men folk have a wide range of more than two dozen, all priced below $450.

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Ladies can choose from a wide range of Citizen Watches for women. Beautiful and classy, the Citizen eco drive watches feature the famous EcoDrive technology. Ten different models are showcased on the website. As with all the watches at, these are also offered at a huge discount. In fact, all of them are priced below $200. So, if you were thinking of purchasing that classy looking Citizen’s Eco Drive Titanium Women’s Watch this Christmas, now is the time to snap it up!