Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch: Simple, Sophisticated, Precision performance

Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s WatchAny high-quality, substantial quartz-watch alike, the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch provides a relentless service and earns a few extra points on the accuracy ground. It requires very less maintenance and has a pretty long battery-life. One service every time the battery is replaced readies it for another few years of reliable timekeeping.

The Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch uses very little power for running the chronograph. It counts lapsed time accurately, without needing to worry about the battery. It goes with a wide range of styles; from rugged to formal. With casual clothes, it shines the best! It is a beautiful watch, with an in-depth beauty that starts revealing with you getting familiar to it. Its design aesthetic is sharp, with hints of classic and traditional influences amidst its textural details.

A fairly basic model, the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch has a simple dial layout with three distinct sections showing regular seconds, 24-hour timekeeping and the chronograph minutes. Its automobile-influences show, strong enough to create a blip on the radar!

Citizen by itself is popular for creating inexpensive watches built robust. They are meant for the urban citizens of the world. A true engineering spirit is seen within the company that makes 200 million watches a year and is led by engineers. Its rich engineering heritage brings their very high-precision, highly functional movements, exotic materials and advanced protective features through proprietary, interesting technologies that are fused with beauty. A certain kind of perfection attained as the consequence of following correctly and constantly all their inspirations. Its purpose of existence; therefore, is justified!

Citizen’s comprehensive manufacturing process includes making of individual components that find way into a watch’s final assembly. The thermo-compensated Miyota Caliber OS10 quartz movement the Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch gets is built fully by Online Citizen Watches, from ground up. It doesn’t go beyond +20 seconds on either side. The chronograph has been intricately crafted; it’s accurate to the point! It counts up to 59 minutes with one-second increments. It is safe till 300 feet under water and its large, easy-to-read dial gives a clean view even in murky waters. The Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men’s Watch is built in surgical grade stainless steel with a strong mineral crystal covering the matt black dial. It can handle very well the stress of rough sports and recreational adventures and activities.

Bottom line: The Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch gets all the love for all the right reasons. It’s something that you end up with much appreciation for everything it offers. It gives you very near-absolute kind of accuracy that’s affordable and has the right weight. When you get into quartz, this is an option that brings you some tasty, cool technology.

Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch: Ruggedly Refined for Precision Performance

Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s WatchWhat you’ll like the most:

• A crisp movement that makes the hands line-up exactly where (and when) they should.

• Crystal is clear to the point of invisibility head-on.

• The watch glows beautifully in the dark.

When you want it to be short:

The Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch is bright, sleek and stylish. It’s a classic design that creates a perfect ‘everyday’ watch. It’s a combination of retro design influences with an award-winning, eco-friendly technology that creates energy from light and hence, hypothetically, can run timelessly if given regular exposures to light from time to time. Its round face hides a solar panel beneath that does the trick.

Its bold, white dial comes prominent with bold Arabic numeral hour markers and makes the Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch a staple for every day. Its sword hands are well-cut and well-shaped and filled with lume. It has a day-and-date window at 3. You can take it to around 200 feet into water to be on the safer side. The movement used in the Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch is a J800 Eco-Drive.

Overall, the Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch is a sporty and sturdy watch with clean lines that will complement any style for any occasion.

From different angles:

The impeccably simple style of the Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch is clean and classic. Its good looks leave a lasting impression and its Eco-Drive movement never allows the watch to be on downtime. It converts both natural and artificial lights into electrical energy and stores it in a storage unit almost like a rechargeable battery. It’s the intensity/brightness of the light that determines how many units it makes finally and how fast.

The Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch is where the brand combines a fair bit of its precision craftsmanship, utilizing modern functional design theories to partly reshape the classics. The attempts brought forth the Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch. It redefined particular dressing techniques that blew the modern man away! The sporty feel in smooth, clean lines is exclusively Citizen Mens Watches.

You are buying value

The Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch is considerably less expensive than the rest offerings in the basic-three-hander, mid-tier luxury. With Japanese you get great quality; it’s not just about the intricacy.

The Citizen Sports Eco-Drive AW0050-15A Men’s Watch has a nice weight to it. It feels sturdy, the kind you’d like in a sports-classic!

The Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Men’s Watch is simple yet masculine. It’s meant for the times you are outside the office, with work or without it. Stores 8 months worth of power on a full battery! Efficiency, too; could be a stylish affair!

Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time CB0141-55E Men’s Watch: Bold, Brilliant, Attractive, Dimensional

Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time CB0141-55E Men’s WatchWhat it does primarily:

• Syncs to the atomic clock every night. That’s radio-controlled.

• Keeps track of dates by itself – odd/even months and leap years. That’s perpetual calendar.

• Tracks time without sacrificing accuracy in 26 Cities besides showing UTC. That’s World Clock.

• Changes to Daylight Savings Time automatically when required. That’s DST-feature.

• Runs without battery replacement, creating power from light. That’s Eco-Drive.

An elaborate explanation:

Apart from the above, the Caliber H145 inside the Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time CB0141-55E Men’s Watch combines innovative technology to its most useful application for anyone dealing with more than one time zone. It is a very advanced, radio-controlled movement providing an unmatched accuracy in time-keeping and time-tracking. The black and silver combination of the Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time CB0141-55E Men’s Watch truthfully projects an air of intelligence, stamina and energy.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time CB0141-55E Men’s Watch receives standard time signals from four areas around the world (US, Germany, China and Japan) to track both Home and World Time. The operation is easy: Takes pulling out and turning the crown to point the seconds-hand to the desired city name. The hour and minute-hands automatically adjusts to their new positions. Coming back to home-town time needs a press of a button; else, the Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time CB0141-55E Men’s Watch will adjust itself to home-time after ten seconds.

What goes in?

• Super Titanium: The latest generation titanium with further low weight and an enhanced resistance due to the IP surface, making it five times harder than pure titanium and 40% lighter than steel.

• Sapphire glass: The next best thing to diamond, with a superior scratch resistance ensuring a permanent, crystal-clear sight of the dial.

Its specialties:

• Doesn’t need any human interference unless you are manually changing between time zones.

• A perfect instrument for those who are a stickler for exact time.

• Comfortable, secure and easy to fit any wrist size unless extremely thin.

• Beautiful and immensely readable.

• Sapphire crystal and titanium built. From case to bracelet.

• A dynamic and sporty design with finely done details goes well with the classic, solid titanium bracelet, making the Citizen Watches appropriate as a daily banger for busy, traveling executives and flight professionals alike.

Bottom line: There’s nothing not to like about this watch. The Citizen Eco-Drive Power Reserve Men’s Watch has some sensible bells and whistles to it which makes it feature heavy but every bit a useful instrument for the nit-picky travelers, flyers and businessmen with connections to the offshore!

Extremely Impressive Functionality Of Citizen Chronograph Watches

Citizen Chronograph WatchesIt’s often said that Citizen Chronograph watches make for the perfect gifts. There are reasons behind and unless you are really blind, you can see them right away. To be well worth one’s money, a thing needs to be something and here’s why they qualify as products that are highly sought after. But one thing: It’s impossible to cover the entire Citizen inventory in a few words, so we will take a look at some of the most impressive features and functionalities, which are enough to make any gadget freak go gaga for quite some time, if not forever.

Firstly, they are powered by light energy. Citizen calls it Eco-Drive and trying to sweeten it any further will be painting the lily. As long as you feed it with light, you don’t have to worry about power draining and your watch stopping when it is required the most. Considering the power guzzling nature of chronographs, Eco-Drive comes as a boon.

Next, it’s about accuracy and precise time measurement. Citizen Eco-Drive chronographs are extremely (and exceptionally) accurate, some of them even featuring radio-control (or, atomic) timekeeping. They adjust automatically to the radio signals given off by atomic clocks (Citizen has 5 of them in five different locations around the world; namely North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and China); however, you may also sync it on-demand as many times you want.

Another big point about Citizen watches eco drive is quite a few of them come with a perpetual calendar and alarms. Together with the radio-controlled timekeeping feature, they ensure you don’t need to keep track of the 31st day of the month or leap years, which means, whether it will be March 1st after the 28th or the 29th day of February is no more going to be a concern. The watches are intelligent enough to work that out on their own by reading the signals from the atomic clocks. And that applies not only for your local time zone but for as many as 29 time zones all around the world. Set the mode, select the zone and there you go!

For those who don’t have time to go through extensive descriptions, following are a few points that shall help to understand the functionalities of a Mens citizen eco drive watch better.

* A-T: Denotes the watch is radio-controlled (atomic timekeeping).

* World Time: For 26, 29 or 39 World Cities.

* Stopwatch: 1 second to 1/20 Second chronograph, measuring up to 60 Minutes.

* Perpetual Calendar: No need to manually adjust the 31st day; not even leap years.

* Am/PM Indicator: Let’s you tell time in 12/24 Hour format.

* Power Reserve Indicator:Once you are reaching rock bottom, the seconds-hand moves once every two seconds.

Water Resistance: 200 meters, to ensure you do not need to leave it home while going for some serious water sports.

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