Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 Men’s Watch: The power of Precision

Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 T1166171104700 Men’s WatchThe Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 T1166171104700 Men’s Watch prides itself on delivering an excellent value no matter where you put it into use. The Chrono XL is a prominent member of its T-Sport line, which is famous for its award-winning nature on courts, tracks and fields.

With its large diameter standing at 45mm across, the Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Quartz T116.617.11.047.00 T1166171104700 Men’s Watch with a stainless steel case and a 100m of water resistance, it keeps the Swiss ETA G10.212 quartz chronograph movement safe both from water and humidity to seep in and create those irreversible damages. Aesthetically, it is designed to be youthful and stylistically versatile, which makes it an excellent everyday wear, making statements with its clean elements out of which, the easily readable markers are definitely one of the most important. The Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 keeps the dial occupied to a sensible extent while the 10 hour chronograph function adds a lot of professional functionality to the mix. But apart from that, its vintage-inspired aesthetics give it a decidedly masculine character which is more inclined towards a more sophisticated, matured feel.

The ETA G10.212 quartz chronograph movement displays time through an analog format; both the hourly display and measured time. It is operated with the two pushers and adjusted through the 3’0 clock crown. The small seconds are counted with the jumping hand at the 6 o’clock counter while the long, central seconds hand measures the stopwatch seconds in 1/10th increments for 30 minutes at a stretch, which can be counted in both ADD and SPILT modes. The movement comprises 4 Jewels and a moderate usage (run for 30 minutes twice every day) shall make the battery last for a little over 24 months. If the chronograph is never used, it will last for more than three years.

The movement also features Tissot Watches for Men own PowerDrive and PreciDrive technologies, the latter bringing a precision that passes the COSC chronometer standards if not exposed to impacts and/or temperatures staying between 20°C and 30°C. It is the result of thermo-compensation operating principle, which controls and regulates the motor pulses depending on the ambient temperature. Moisture, however; has no impact upon the technology. The former one, however; is the technology that drives the hands, offering greater precision and resolution than the older methods, making it possible to count the stopwatch seconds to their fractions.

Bottom line: The Tissot T-Classic Quartz Men’s Watch is a 2017 offering from the brand for contemporary, fashion-aware men valuing a classic style with useful, modern features. The Tissot Chrono XL exhibits the core values of the brand based on its performance and precision and therefore, delivers accurate results every time you put it into use and that includes its performance in the sporting arena.